Importing/Exporting products

General guidelines

Before you begin importing your products to your B2B Wave portal, it is important to first: 
  • Create product categories under the Product Categories menu in your Admin Dashboard.
  • Create and name your price lists under the Products->Price Lists menu.
This will facilitate the process of adding prices and uploading products assigned to different price lists in the future. 
I. Exporting Products
To export products for the first time:
  1. Go to the Products->Import menu in your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click on Sample file import to download the sample file.
  3. Open the sample file and start adding your products by filling in the fields.

To export existing products, 
  1. Go to the Products->Export menu in your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select a price list from the “Price List” drop-down menu, and then click "Export". 
The file through which you can import products to your storefront should be in Excel format (.xlsx) with its first sheet containing your products.
II. Importing Products
  1. Go to the Products->Import menu in your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select the Price List that you would like to import.
  3. Check 'Import Prices' if you would like product prices in your spreadsheet to update existing prices on your store.
  4. Select your spreadsheet by pressing 'Choose File' and then press Import.

Importing ALL Price Lists

To import all price lists simultaneously:

  1. Select 'ALL' from the Price List dropdown menu. 
  2. Add a new column in your product import spreadsheet for each price list that you want to import prices for. Each column should be the name of your existing price list (e.g. "Basic Price List [USD]"). Now fill in prices for each product according to the price list. In the image below, the first product (the first row) will have a price of $727 USD for "Basic Price List [USD]", a price of $375 CAD for "Basic Price List [CAD]", etc.

3. Remove the 'product_price' column from your product import spreadsheet.

Product Spreadsheet Columns

The following fields/columns can be used when importing products:

product_sku The product code
category_path The category the product belongs to. When populating your file, keep in mind that the category path should be in the following format if you have categories/subcategories:  Category/Subcategory.
product_name  The name of the product
product_desc The description of the product. Can also be HTML.
product_price The price of the product. If you have multiple price lists, you can create multiple Excel files and import the product’s value per price list. Products are matched with the product_sku, if available, and are not duplicated.
length, width, height (3 different columns) If your products have dimensions that need to be shown when your product is showcased, make sure you fill in the three columns "length", "width" and  "height". If they are not available on the Excel file that you downloaded, simple create the three columns and add the relevant information.
dimension_measurement_unit If your products have dimensions, optionally add the dimension measurement unit. Read more about measurement units here.
price_msrp The MSRP for each product, if you want it to be displayed in your store
brand    If you're dealing with brands, add the name of the brand for each product
cost If you want the product cost to be shown in your portal, add the cost per product. You can also create a new column if the default file does not already contain it.
product_tax If the product is taxable or not. Values are Taxable and Non Taxable. You can see available values under the Settings->Sales Tax menu in your Admin Dashboard.
product_unit The main measurement unit of each product. This can be kg, lb, square meters, or any other measurement unit. This field is mainly used for informational purposes.
product_active If the product is active or not. Valid values are 0 or 1.
product_availability This field corresponds to the status of the product (Available, Pre-order, etc). You can see available status options under the Settings->Product Statuses menu in your Admin Dashboard.
scheduled_at The date a product will be available through your B2B store
weight This field corresponds to the weight of the product      
minimum_quantity Minimum quantity for ordering the product. Set to 0, or leave empty if this option does not apply.
quantity Enter the available stock quantity, if you want to monitor your inventory through the B2B Wave platform
quantity_monitor Enter "1" if you wish to monitor available quantities. Otherwise,  enter "0".
box_quantity If the product is only available in multiples
can_backorder Enter "1" if you wish to allow backordering for your customers. Otherwise, Alternatively, enter "0".
package_quantity If package quantity applies for the product, make sure you add it here
package_quantity_unit Specifies the product's measurement unit. Read more about measurement units here.
image_url Enter the full URL of the product image. If you don't have your product images online, please contact us for an alternative.
gallery_image_url1 Enter the full URL of the product image. You can also add URLs to new columns you create, such as "gallery_image_url2", "gallery_image_url3", etc., for additional gallery images.
meta_description Enter the meta description you want to use for the product
pdf_description Enter the product description that will be used in your PDF product catalog. To enable product descriptions to display in your PDF catalog, go to the Tools->PDF Catalog menu and check "Show product description".
product_upc Add the UPC code of the product, if applicable. This will be visible to your customers.
barcode Add the product's barcode
mpn Specify the manufacturer's part number
reference_code If you use internal reference codes for products, add them here. This will not be visible to your customers.
b2b_product_id This is an internal product identification code
extra_categories If the product belongs to additional categories, enter the names of those additional categories in this column.
For more than one value use a semicolon ; as a separator. Example of 3 extra categories: path/to/cateogory1;path/to/cateogory2;path/to/cateogory3
is_private If the product is private or note. Valid values are "0" and "1".
available_options A list of the product's options
option_values_[variant name] A list of the product's variants
customer_access If the product is private, customers added to this column will be the only ones who can access this product in your online store. Separate customer email addresses with a semicolon (i.e. demo@b2bwave;;
privacy_groups If the product belongs to a private group, enter the name of the privacy group here. You must create a privacy group before entering it here. To learn more about creating a privacy group, read our article on Privacy groups.

III. Updating Products

You can update products by downloading and re-uploading your Excel file. To do this:

  1. Go to the Products->Export menu in your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select the price list the products you want to update are assigned to, then click "Export" to download the file.
  3. Make the necessary changes to the file, then import this new file through the Products->Import menu in your Admin Dashboard.

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