B2B Wave's  backorders feature allows you to sell products that are out of stock when your customers place an order for them. You can show those available products for backorder in your online B2B store as “In Stock” products or you can show them using a customised message, such as “Available in 'x' days”.

The backorders feature can help increase your sales revenue and also provide added flexibility, allowing you to sell products that are temporarily unavailable, but whose stock you expect to replenish within a short time frame.

To activate the backorders feature, under the "Settings->Profile" menu, go to the 'Application configuration' tab and check the “Allow backordering for specific products” field.

To notify your customers about the available quantity of backordered products, under the "Settings->Profile" menu, check the “Show available quantity to customers” box.

Next, you need to select which products can be backordered. To do this, go to the Products->Products menu in your Admin Dashboard and select the product you want to allow backordering for. On the “Editing product” page that opens up under the 'Product' tab, check the “Allow backorder” box.


If you upload your store's products using Excel files, simple enter “1” to allow backordering or “0” to disable backordering in the backorder column of your spreadsheet.

Once you've enabled the backorders feature, your customers will be able to place an order even when you are out of stock, and in your storefront, they will see the notation "Backorder"  instead of "Available" or "Not available" as shown below.

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