Creating product categories and subcategories

As a distributor, you may sell a suite of different products, which means you're managing different product categories or your clients are buying different products from you. Moreover, you may wish to set up special promotions (e.g. Winter sales) or other promotional activities that require you to manage certain products in your inventory in a specific way. 
Setting up your product categories is integral to structuring your portal's backend, as it will help you populate your store faster and more effectively. 
The B2B Wave eCommerce platform allows you to create product categories and subcategories: 
1. Go the Product Categories menu in your Admin Dashboard.
2. Click on the "New Category" button.

3. On the "New category" page that opens up, specify your category rules. Specifically: 

Name This field refers to the name of the category
Parent category Here you can define the type of the category that you are creating. If you want to create a parent category, then do not select a parent category from the drop-down menu. If you are creating a subcategory, choose the parent category it is assigned to from the drop-down menu.
Description This field allows you too add a description for the category/subcategory that you are creating (if applicable)
Active This option refers to the status of the category you are creating. Select this option if you want the category to be active, or deselect it if you decide to make a category inactive.
Discount This option allows you to set the discount percentage that applies to this category
Update discount in subcategories too This option appears when you are editing a parent category. Therefore, if the discount rule applies to a subcategory as well, you need to select this option. If the discount applies only to the parent category, leave this box unchecked.
Default measurement unit Select the default measurement unit (if applicable). Note that you must have already created the measurement units for your products or product category for this drop-down menu to be active.

4. Click on the 'Advanced' tab to set an image for the category. To do this, simply drag and drop an image and then click "Save". 

To manage your category privacy rules, click on the 'Access' tab. To set the category's quantity discount settings, click on the 'Quantity discounts' tab.

Note that you can create as many categories as you wish. In addition, you can manage your categories through the Product Categories menu by clicking on the "Manage categories" button.

You can also move categories by dragging and dropping them to the desired position within the category hierarchy.

Finally, by clicking "Sort categories", your product categories will be sorted in alphabetical order.

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