Price Lists “Based on” Function

You can base a new price list on an existing one, which means that your new price list will inherit all product prices from that list. To do so:

Step 1. Go to Products >Price List, then select a price list from the “Based on” drop-down menu on the “New price list” page. Remember that by choosing this option, the prices for each of your products on the new price list will be imported from the “Based on” price list you specify. For example, if you base a new price list called “Gold Price List” on the existing “Basic Price List,” then all prices for the “Gold” list will be set according to the “Basic Price List” ones.

Step 2. Go to the “Rules” tab to adjust the new price list’s pricing. The “Rules” tab appears when you select an existing price list to base this price list. Through it, you can set more targeted rules for your price list, such as discounts for multiple product categories or specific products. 

Specifically, here you can adjust prices for the new based-on price list based on the following options:

Rule Type Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu (i.e., Category or Product). Choose “Category” if you want to apply a horizontal discount to a product category/subcategory or “Product” if you wish to set discounts for specific products
Option Choose the corresponding product or product category/subcategory from the drop-down menu
Discount Percentage Enter the discount percentage you want to set for the selected product categories/subcategories or products
Final Price Enter the product’s final price. Note that this option will only appear if you want to set product discounts for this price list and only if you check the “Has Custom Price” box. Importantly, if you enter a fixed price here for products with various options and variants, you should adjust their price through  Products >Products > Price adjustment per option. Read more about product options and price adjustments

Step 3. Once you are ready, click the “Recalculate product prices ” option to update your product pricing accordingly and “Save” to create the new price list. 

NOTE: Remember that all price lists you create will appear under the “Based on” drop-down menu unless they are already based on existing ones. Also, you cannot generate price lists based on others that have already inherited another list’s prices and attributes. For example, let’s say you have created a “Wholesale Price List” based on the “Basic Price List.” You cannot create a new price list based on the “Wholesale Price List,” and this option will not show up under the “Based on” menu when setting your new list.

The customers you assign to the new based-on price lists will view all product pricing based on your set rules. In the example below, we appointed customer Demo Coffee - Brooklyn to the “Gold Price List,” for which we applied a discount for the product Ethiopia Guji

As a result, the customer can purchase this product at the discounted price of $3.00.

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