Price lists "based-on" function

Price lists you create in your B2B portal automatically inherit the prices of whatever price list is specified as your default price list. This means that if a product A costs $10 in your default 'Basic Price List', then it will also cost $10 on new price lists you create unless you select another price list using the "Based on" drop-down menu when you are creating/editing a price list.

Note that price lists you create are automatically added to the "Based on" drop-down menu unless they are already based on other price lists. For example, you can have a price list called "Wholesale Price List" based on "Basic Price List", but you cannot have a price list called "Wholesale #2" based on "Wholesale Price List" because "Wholesale Price List" is already based on another price list (i.e. "Basic Price List"). This option will not show up when editing your price lists.

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