Customer price lists

You may need to set different prices for your products depending on your customers' location, how many years they've been purchasing from your store, etc. For this reason, we created the price lists function. 

Let's say you need a Basic Price List, a Small Wholesaler Price List, and a Dropshipping Price List. This means creating three price lists, and then whenever you create or edit a customer profile, you can assign a specific price list to that customer. You can also assign a different product price to each price list you create. You can do this through the 'Prices' tab on the "Editing product" page when you select a product under the Products->Products menu in your Admin Dashboard. It's as easy as that!

Creating a new price list

First, go to the Products->Price Lists menu in your Admin Dashboard. Here you will see the default Wholesale Price List and be able to create new ones.
To begin creating a new price list, click on the "New price list" button, and fill in the fields on the "New price list" page that opens up. The settings on this page are simple:  name, short name and currency. There is also a "Is default?" option. If you check this, your customers will automatically be assigned to this new price list.

Price lists based on other price lists and rules

Another setting on the "New price list" page you can utilise if you wish is the "Based on" drop-down menu. This option allows you to base this new price list on another price list. When you choose this option, the prices for each of your products on the new price list will be imported from the "based on" price list you specify, and from there, you can set rules. For example, if you base a new price list called 'Price List 2' on existing 'Price List 1', then all your 'Price List 2' prices will be set to 'Price List 1' prices. Afterward, you can adjust the 'Price List 2' prices in bulk through the 'Rules' tab.
When you do select an existing price list to base a new price list on, an additional field called "Discount Percentage" will appear, as well as a new tab called 'Rules'. You can either set a discount for the entire list using the "Discount Percentage" field, or you can click on the 'Rules' tab and set more targeted rules (e.g. Category X has discount Y, product V has discount Z).

Assigning prices to different product price lists

After you create a new price list, it will then appear on the "Editing product" page for each of your products.

Assigning a price list to your customers

When you create or edit a customer through the Customers menu in your Admin Dashboard, you will find a drop-down menu called "Price List" in the 'Customer details' tab. Use this drop-down menu to select the price list you want that customer to be assigned to. 
Once you assign a customer to a price list, your customer will see your product prices based on that specific price list.

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