Product Variants

Some products are available in different variations, such as colour or size. If one or more of your products has variations, you may want to add different prices, codes, quantities or images for each variant. 

Step 1:  Go to the Products->Products menu and select a product you want to add variations to. 

Step 2:  Click on the 'Product Options' tab and select the product option you would like to add. In this case, we will select Color. If you haven't made a product option yet, you can learn to do so here.

Step 3: Open the 'Code & price variants' tab. Check your product option(s) and click "Create Code & Price Variants" to generate variations based on the product options you selected. For each variant, you can:

  • Input inventory quantities
  • Specify list prices
  • Add a unique product code
  • Upload images

Once you have finished creating your variations, click "Save" and you're done! The product listing on your storefront will now reflect the variations you created.

Export / Import

  1. You must create or import products before importing their respective product variants. For example, if you want to create a blue coffee mug variant, you need to have an existing product for coffee mug and a product option for colour. It is not necessary to create all product options prior to import; they can be created when importing.
  2. Fill out the product variant spreadsheet, making sure to complete the necessary fields (explained below). You can download and review a sample import here.

Field Description
product_sku The main product's SKU
b2b_product_id An internal identifier for the main product
The main product's name
variant_sku The product variant's SKU
b2b_variant_id An internal identifier for the product variant
option_set A list of product options that apply to this product
Several Product Options Here (e.g. Flavor or Size)
Each product option in "option_set" will be listed. Specify which product option(s) the variant should inherit.
quantity The inventory amount of this product variant. Note that this does not currently sync with the main product quantity.
Is this product variant active?
price The product variant's price
gallery_image_url1 Enter the full URL of the variant image. You can also add URLs to new columns you create, such as "gallery_image_url2", "gallery_image_url3", etc., for additional gallery images.

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