Extra fields

The Extra Fields option allows you to add new drop-down items, datetime selection fields and textual fields to several different locations of your B2B website and admin portal.

1. Go to the 'Advanced' tab under the Settings->Profile menu. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Extra Fields". Alternatively, you can type https://<your-domain>.b2bwave.com/admin/extra_fields into your browser to access this same page (remember to replace <your-domain> with your the name of your subdomain).

2. Click on "New Record".

3. You can modify your new field using the following options:

  • Label:  The name of your extra field.
  • Options:  The selections that are available to you or the customer. These will be shown with "Select" or "Multi-Select" fields.
  • View:  This determines where your extra field will appear.
    • Order Checkout:  The extra field will appear on your website's order checkout page.
    • Order Edit (admin):  The extra field will appear below "Admin Notes" on the Order page within the Orders menu (Orders->Order).
    • Customer Registration:  The extra field will appear at the end of the customer registration page (https://<your domain>.b2bwave.com/profile/customers/sign_up).
    • Customer Edit:  The extra field will appear in the 'Admin Fields' tab under the Customers menu (Customers->Customer).
    • Product:  The extra field will appear in the 'Extra Fields' tab in the Products menu (Products->Products).
  • Field Type:
    • Small Text:  A single-line text box for users to enter information. 
    • Text Area:  A multi-line text box for users to enter information.
    • Select:  Users can select one of your predefined options from a drop-down menu.
    • Date:  Users can select a date from a calendar drop-down.
    • File:  Selecting your extra field will allow users to upload a file. Unsupported file types will return an error message.
    • Multi-Select:  Users can select one or more options from a multi-line text box (Ctrl + Click to select more than one option).
  • Required:  Makes a selection mandatory.
  • Show To Customers:  This option will appear when you select 'Product' for the View. If 'Show to Customers' is not checked, then your extra field will only be shown to administrators in the Products menu, as shown here. If 'Show to Customers' is checked, then your extra field will show in the Products menu and on your storefront, as shown here.

4. Click on "Save" to create your new field.

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