Setting up your storefront features

Under the Settings->Profile menu, there are a number of tabbed pages that allow you to customise your storefront according to your brand and commercial policy needs. These pages are Basic Info, Appearance, Address, Social media, Email notifications, Application configuration, Customer registration fields, Advanced, API configuration and Integrations.

Basic Info

Here you can customise what you want your customers to see in your storefront. You can add/manage your:

  • Logo
  • Company description
  • Language options
  • Country and time zone
  • Default currency
  • Email signature (which will be used in all email communications sent through your B2B Wave portal)

The most important features in the “Basic Info” tab are:

  • Minimum order value - This allows you to set the minimum value required for an order to be placed in your storefront. By checking this box, your customers will not be allowed to confirm their order if their order value is lower than the minimum you have set.
  • Public products / Public pages - These options allow you to manage product and page privacy. By selecting both of these boxes, your products and B2B eCommerce storefront will be public, meaning that customers who are logged out or are not registered users will be able to access it. Although this means that prospective clients will be able to see your products, prices will not be visible to them until they register as a customer. For instance, when you 'Public pages' is checked, logged out guests will be able to view all pages in your online store — when it is not checked, guests who are logged out and unregistered guests will not be able to access your online store. Instead, they will only be able to see the login page. When 'Public products' is not checked, the admin will see a Preview Mode banner:  "Products are private and customer login is required." This notification only appears to the admin who is logged in to the admin portal. Your customers, users who are logged out and unregistered users will not see this notification banner.
  • Out of stock products status - With this drop-down menu, you can choose what status you want displayed for any product that runs of out stock. The status will appear on your storefront (e.g. “Available”, “Not Available”, “Limited Stock", etc.)


Here you can define the appearance of your online B2B store. This includes the brand colours featured in your storefront, your offers and your promotions as well as any new pages.

There are three options available:

  • Show Offers
  • Show Latest Products
  • Show Latest News

By selecting these boxes, you are allowing offers, newly added products and your news items to appear on your storefront’s homepage. Note that you can select all of these options or choose only the ones you wish to be featured on your homepage.

In the 'Appearance' tab, you can also manage your product display options. Specifically, you can set your products to be viewed either in grid or list form.

Finally, you can upload a “Catalog Logo” image and set your catalog category and border colours. By doing so, your logo will be displayed in the PDF catalog generated through the B2B Wave platform.

Application configuration

On this page, you can set basic configurations concerning your business activity and policies on the B2B Wave platform. The table below explains each option.

Show unsubmitted orders of customers in admin Order list By checking this box, unsubmitted orders will be shown in your admin dashboard. This allows you to monitor your customers' activity before they actually confirm an order.
Allow customers to order by code (quick order) This option lets customers place orders by product code rather than having to browse your product catalog. This is usually called “quick order”. By checking this box, the “Quick order” button will be shown on your storefront.
Allow customers to download PDF catalog This option lets your customers download your PDF catalog by logging into your online B2B store. Note that the catalog is generated on the spot taking all the information from your product and price list.
Show categories and sub-categories in homepage section Selecting this option means product categories and sub-categories will be shown in your online B2B store, allowing easier navigation for your logged in customers. By checking this box, all your product categories and sub-categories will be shown as a list of clickable items.
Products have suggested retail price (MSRP) Selecting this option means your customers will see your MSRP in your storefront.
Products can be categorised by Brands If you manage products from different brands, this option allows your customers to see all your brands as well as search and navigate your products and product categories by brand.
Show link to Brands on Sidebar (Customers) Selecting this option lets your customers see any links you add to different brands on the sidebar of your storefront.
Manage stock levels for products By checking this box, you can manage your inventory at any time. This function is also available under the Products menu in your admin dashboard, and you can modify it there at any time.
Show available quantity to customers This option allows your customers to see the available quantity of products in your inventory.
Manage dimensions for products (length x width x height) Selecting this option gives you the ability to set product dimensions. This function is also available under the Products menu in your admin dashboard, and you can modify it there at any time.
Show dimensions totals Selecting this option means that dimension totals will be shown in your storefront.
Manage weight for products Selecting this option allows you to manage the weight of your products. This function is also available under the Products menu in your admin dashboard, and you can modify it there at any time.
Manage product cost Selecting this option allows you to manage your product costs. This function is also available under the Products menu in your admin dashboard, and you can modify it there at any time. 
Ask for Delivery Date by Customers for Orders Selecting this option lets customers set a specific delivery date and have their order updated accordingly. Custom delivery date cut-off rules are available upon request (please contact B2B Wave support).
Delivery Date after Selecting this option lets you specify the day that, only after which, customers can request a Delivery Date.
Include Sales tax in minimum order If sales tax is applied to your products, the minimum order rule applies to the total order value.
Date format Selecting this option lets you manage how the date format will be displayed in your online B2B store.
Auto approve customer registrations Selecting this option means your storefront will automatically approve new customer registrations instead of having to approve them manually.


Do you have an active Facebook advertising campaign or use Google Analytics, AdWords, or any other custom code? The options in the 'Advanced' tab allow you to add these codes to your B2B eCommerce site so that you can monitor and track their performance. Additionally, you can add custom CSS code under the 'Custom CSS' tab in this section.
You can also add the specific text that will inform users about your cookie policy, either by adding your own or using the sample text provided by B2B Wave, and you can create extra fields to be displayed on the Order Confirm and Customer Details pages.

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