Back-in-Stock Email Notification

Back-in-stock notifications are an easy way to inform customers when specific products are available again on your online B2B store. You can easily activate this feature on your B2B-Wave powered eCommerce platform for all products you have enabled the “Track Inventory” option on the individual product’s page.

Step 1. Go to Settings >Profile and look for the “Application configuration” tab.

Step 2. Check the “Allow customers to get notified when products get back in stock” box and click “Save.”

Once you enable this option, customers will see the back-in-stock notification on your storefront when trying to place orders for out-of-stock products. 

By clicking the “Get Notified When It’s Back in Stock,” customers will receive an email notification when a specific item is restocked. Importantly, customers will receive a one back-in-stock email notification for multiple items when each product they are interested in is available again. For example, if Customer A wants to receive a notification for five items, but four products are back in stock at the same time, they will receive an email about these four products. Then, when the fifth item is restocked, they will receive another email notification.

NOTE: Back-in-stock notifications are not available for products with variants.

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