Inventory Management

You track product quantity and manage inventory through your B2B Wave eCommerce platform. Let’s see how you can activate this feature:

Enabling Inventory Management

Step 1. Go to Settings >Profile, and click the “Application configuration” tab. 

Step 2. Check “Manage stock levels for products” in the “Inventory” section, and click “Save.”

Activating Inventory Tracking for Products 

You can assign quantities to products and variants and specify which products you want to track inventory for. To do this: 

Step 1. Go to Products >Products and select a product.

Step 2. On the “Editing product” page, check the “Track inventory” box. Then, click “Save” to store this option. Remember that checking this option will prevent customers from ordering this product if it goes out-of-stock (that is, its quantity reaches zero) unless you allow backorders.

Step 3. If your product has variants, move to the “Code & price variants” tab and adjust inventory quantities for your product’s variants. Once you finish your inputs, click “Save.”

NOTE: If you have created product variants, the message “Auto-calculated by variants quantity” will appear under the “Quantity” field in the “Product” tab. The quantity you see here is the sum of each variant’s quantity for this product. 

After you’ve updated product quantities, you can see them by going to the Products menu.

Updating Inventory Tracking for Products in Bulk

Step 1. Go to Products >Export on the Admin Panel, make your selections, and click “Export” to download your product list.

Step 2. Look for the “quantity_monitor” column, then type “1” to enable inventory tracking. Otherwise, enter “0.”

Step 3. Go to Products >Import, click “Choose File,” and “Import” to update the status of your products. Remember that your file should be in .xlsx format.

NOTE: If you’re uploading products to your B2B portal for the first time, go to Products >Import and click “Sample file import.” Then, follow Step 2&3, as described above.

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