Inventory Management

If you would like to manage your products’ inventory within B2B Wave, you can do so easily with our inventory management feature. To activate this feature, go to Settings > Profile and click on the Application configuration tab. Next, check the Manage stock levels for products box: 

Next, you can assign quantities to products and variants, and specify which products and variants you would like B2B Wave to automatically track inventory for. To do this, go to Products > Products and select any product. You can input the inventory quantity in the Quantity field, and check the Track inventory box below if you would like B2B Wave to track this product’s inventory. 

NOTE: Checking this option will prevent this product from being ordered if the Quantity has reached zero.

If you have product variants enabled for a given product, the message Auto-calculated by variants’ quantity will show (see below). The quantity shown here will be the sum quantity of each variant for this product. You can adjust the quantity of product variants by clicking on the Code & price variants tab:

After you've updated your quantities, you will be able to view them in the Admin Dashboard on the Products page as shown below:

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