Quick Order Menu

You can allow customers to place their orders quickly using the product’s code/SKU or name by enabling the “Quick Order” menu on your storefront. To do this, complete these steps:

Step 1. Go to Settings >Profile menu. 

Step 2. Click the “Application configuration” tab, look for the “Customers layout” section, check the “Allow customers to order by code (quick order),” and click “Save” to add the “Quick Order” menu on your storefront. 

Once you enable it, customers can access it through your storefront. 

From the “Quick Order” menu, customers can type in the product code/SKU under the “Search” field or enter the product’s name under the “Name” field and set the appropriate quantity for the ordered product. Notably, customers can also select one of the suggestions that appear in the drop-down menus for these fields. 

Also, customers can click the “Add Product+” button to add more items to their order. Finally, customers can send their quick order to their shopping cart by clicking “Add to Order.”

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