With the B2B Wave eCommerce platform, your customers can create sub-customers (aka "sub-users") by clicking on the SUB-USERS option within their account profile menu as shown below. If you or your customers do not see this option, please contact our support team.

This page displays a list of the existing sub-users.

To add a new user, click on the "ADD USER" button.

When adding a new user, enter their email address and the password (and password confirmation).

Check the "Can confirm order?" box if you want this user to be able to confirm an order (complete all steps to submit an order).

If you leave the "Can confirm order?" box unchecked, this user will only be able to save an order. Saved orders can only be confirmed by the "main" customer.

By default, the parent customer will be able to view all orders from their sub-customers in addition to their own orders. Sub-customers on the other hand will only be able to view the orders that they have placed. You can change this by checking "Can view full history" in Account/Users in a parent customer's storefront. Doing so will allow them to see their parent customer's order history as well.

If you are logged in to your B2B portal as administrator, you will be able to see which sub-customers have been created by which main customers.

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