Your customers can create sub-customers (or “sub-users”) through your B2B Wave eCommerce platform. To do so, your customers need to complete the following steps: To do so, your customers need to complete the following steps: 

Step 1. Click the “My Account” menu and choose “Users,” as shown below. The “Users” page displays a list of all existing sub-users.

NOTE: Please contact our support team if you or your customers do not see this option.

Step 2. Click “Add user” to create a new user for their account.

Step 3. Fill out the “New User” form and click “Create User” to submit it. 

Specifically, your customers will need to fill in the following fields:

Name Enter the name of the customer (e.g., Wanda Maximoff). Remember that this field is mandatory
Can Confirm Order Without Approval Check this option to allow the new user to complete all necessary steps to submit and confirm orders. By leaving it unchecked, the new user can save their orders, but  only the parent customer can submit and confirm them
Can View Full History Check this box to allow the new sub-customer to view their and their parent customer's order history. By leaving it unchecked, the new user can only view their own saved and submitted orders
Phone Add the new user’s phone number
Company Name Enter the sub-customer’s company name (e.g., Demo Coffee – Brooklyn). Remember that this field is mandatory
Address/Address Line 2 Insert the new user’s address details
City/Province/State/Country Add the sub-customer’s city, province/state (if applicable), and country in the relevant fields
Postal Code Enter the new user’s postal/zip code

Remember that you can see all new users created by your customers by clicking on the  Customers menu on your Admin Dashboard.

NOTE: To allow parent companies to approve sub-users’ orders, you first need to enable your customers to save their orders. To do so, go to Profile >Settings, and look for the “Application configuration” tab. Then, go to the “Customers” section and check “Allow customers to save orders for later (multiple unsubmitted orders).”

Approving Sub-Customers Orders

If your customers have created a new user who cannot confirm an order without their approval, the user can only save their orders and cannot proceed with submitting them. 

In the example below, customer  Demo Coffee - Brooklyn is a sub-user created by the parent company Demo Coffee and cannot place their orders. Instead, on the “Current Order” page, sub-users can click “Save for Confirmation” and give a Purchase Order alias for their order.

Following this, parent customers will receive an email about the pending order. To confirm or edit it, they need to log in to their account and click Unsubmitted Orders.

On the “Unsubmitted Orders” page, parent customers can click “Review and Confirm” and edit and submit the relevant order.

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