Creating brands

With the B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can can organise your products by brand in your storefront and in your Admin Dashboard. To set this up:

1. Go to the Products->Brands menu in your Admin Dashboard. If you don't see the Brands menu item, go to the Settings->Profile menu, then click on the 'Application configuration' tab and check the "Products can be categorized by Brands" box under the "Product attributes" section.

2. Click "+ New Brand" to create a new brand and edit the following parameters:

Description The brand's description to be shown to customers on the brand's page
Image The brand's image to be shown to customers as the brand's icon
Active Is the brand active?
Private Whether customers can or cannot see products from this brand

After you have created a brand, a new option labelled Brand will appear in the product edit/creation pages. 

3. Select the brand you want from the drop-down menu, and click save.

4. Your customers will now be able to see this product's brand on the product page and view products by brand from the sidebar menu.

If you don't see this in the Customer portal, check "Show link to Brands on Sidebar (Customers)" in Settings/Profile/Application Configuration.

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