MSRP Price Lists

MSRP Price Lists allow you to set different MSRPs for different customers. 

Configuring MSRP Price Lists

1. Enable "Custom MSRP price list" in the 'Application configuration' tab under the Settings->Profile menu.

2. Set a new MSRP price list by clicking on "New price list" under the Products->Price Lists menu. When you are finished specifying the new price list, enable the "Recalculate product prices" field if you want to immediately update all product MSRPs.

3. To specify the new MSRP price list for individual customers, go to the Customers menu and select a customer to edit. On the 'Editing customer' page, use the "Price list" field drop-down menu to choose which price list to use.

You can also create MSRP price lists with different currencies. In the examples below, the same product is displayed for two different customers. In the first example, the MSRP is shown in dollars, and in the second example it is calculated in Euros. 

U.S. Customer European Customer

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