B2B Wave integrates with, allowing you to accept credit card payments for orders. To set up this integration on your B2B eCommerce platform, follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your account.

Step 2. Go to the “Accounts” tab and click “API Credentials & Keys.”

Step 3. Open B2B Wave, go to Settings>Payment options, and click “Credit Card (with 

Step 4. Copy “API Login ID” from and paste it into the appropriate field on B2B Wave (“API Login ID *”).

Step 5. Go to the “Create New Key(s)” section on, select the “New Transaction Key” option, and click “Submit.” 

Step 6. Copy the “Transaction Key” value you obtain and paste it into the “Transaction Key *” field on B2B Wave. 

Step 7. To allow live transaction processing, select “Production” from the drop-down menu under the “Mode*” field. Then, check the “Active” box, and click “Save.” 

NOTE: Contact our support team if you have trouble setting up the integration.

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