Stripe Integration

B2B Wave integrates with Stripe, allowing you to accept credit card payments for orders. However, currently, we do not support ACH payments through Stripe. Follow these steps to set up the integration on your B2B eCommerce platform:

Step 1. Log in to your Stripe account and go to your dashboard.

Step 2. Click the “Activate your account” tab.

Step 3. Follow the activation process and submit your application. Note that Stripe usually approves applications instantly. Read here for more information.

Step 4. Return to the home page and click “API Keys” under the “Developers” submenu to generate your live API keys. Remember to verify that “View Test Data” is deactivated. Then, change this to “Live.”

NOTE: When using Test API keys, payments are not processed by card networks or payment providers. Remember that you should never give out your “Secret Key,” as these can be used to perform any Stripe API request. Find out more here.

Step 5. Login to B2B Wave, go to Settings >Payment options, and click “Credit Card (with Stripe).”

Step 6. Select the “Advanced (Stripe Keys)” tab, then paste your live API keys under the “Publishable Key*” and “Secret Key” fields, and click “Save.”

Step 7. Remember to check the “Active” option to enable Stripe as a payment option for your B2B portal.

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