Square Integration

B2B Wave integrates with Square to allow you to accept credit card payments for customer orders. Note that currently, we do not support ACH payments through Square. 

To connect Square with your B2B Wave account, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Square Developer and create a new application.

Step 2. Name the new application (e.g., B2B Wave).

Step 3. On the Credentials page, enable “Production Settings”, as shown below.

Step 4. Log in to your B2B Wave account and go to Settings >Payment options. Then click “Credit card (with Square).”

Step 5. Copy “Application ID” and “Personal Access Token” from Square to the “Application ID*” and “Access Token *” fields on B2B Wave, respectively.

Step 6. Go to Square and click on the left-side menu on your dashboard, then click “Locations.” Look up the location for which you want to allow payments through Square and copy the appropriate value in the “Location ID*” field on B2B Wave. 

Step 7. Click “Active” and “Save” to enable Square payments on your B2B eCommerce platform.

NOTE: Remember to check the “Allow saving of card details for reuse” if you want customers to opt if they want to save their credit card details on your B2B store. 

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