Balance Payments

Balance Payments integration lets your customers pay Net 30/Net 45/Net 60 while you are getting paid instantly.

With B2B Wave and Balance Payments, you can pre-qualify a customer using their business name, business address, and EIN and they can pay with terms, while you can get paid instantly. To set up an account with Balance Payments click here

After setting up your Balance Payments account and linking it with B2B Wave, you will need to qualify each customer that you want to enable terms for them individually.

The guide includes 3 sections:

  1. Setting up balance Payments in B2B Wave
  2. Qualifying a customer for terms
  3. Previewing the customer experience

Set up Balance Payments in B2B Wave

While on B2B Wave: Click on Settings > Payments and then click to edit the Balance Payment settings

While on Balance Payments: Click on Settings > Security > Create Secret Key and then Copy API Key

Back to B2B Wave: Paste the API Key into the API Key box

Check the Active box and then Save.

Qualify a customer for terms in B2B Wave

After setting up Balance Payments with B2B Wave, the next step involves qualifying a customer for terms.

Fill in your customer's details including their address and EIN number.

Save the customer and stay on the page and then click on Payment options and Qualify for terms. This step will create a buyer to Balance Payments and qualify the buyer for terms.

After the customer is approved from Balance Payments, check the box next to Terms financing to enable this payment method for this customer. You can also click to View buyer in Balance Payments dashboard to see their terms maximum. The credit limit is managed by Balance Payments. Do not forget to Save the customer.

The customer experience

In a nutshell, with Balance Payments enabled, the customer will be prompted on the final step of the order to:

  1. Choose whether they will be paying with a card or bank account
  2. If they pay with a bank account, they can select the bank account that will be used
  3. They can also opt-in to pay immediately if they want.

After the customer has submitted their order, you should also be able to see the transaction in Balance Payments

For any questions in regards to the setup process, please contact our support.

Testing the integration

Balance Payments also offer a Sandbox (test) environment that you can use to test the integration. If you are testing the integration, to connect a 'test' bank account, select any bank and use user_good and pass_good for username and password.

For any questions, please reach out to our support.

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