Customer Payment Options

Once you set up payment integrations on your B2B eCommerce platform you can start assigning payment options to customers. You can manually assign payment options to customers or mass assign them. Let’s see how. 

Assigning payment options manually

To assign payment options to your customers manually, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Customers menu on your Admin Dashboard and select a customer you want to assign payment options. 

Step 2. On the “Editing customer” page, look for the “Payment options” tab. Then check the payment option(s) you want to enable for that customer and click “Save.”

Once you’ve applied payment option(s) to your customer, these will be available to them during checkout. Remember that customers cannot change their preferred payment option  after submitting an order.

Mass assigning payment options 

To assign payment options to customers in bulk, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Customers menu on your Admin Dashboard and click “Export” to download a copy of your existing customer data.

Step 2. Open the spreadsheet and locate the “payment_options” column. Input the payment option(s) you want to enable for each customer, separating each option with a comma and making sure you leave no spaces between them.

Step 3. Go to Tools >Import Customers on your Admin Dashboard, click “Choose File” to upload your file, and click “Import”to update customer payment options. Remember that your file should be in .xlsx format.

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