Importing/Exporting Customers

You can mass import and export your customers list quickly through your B2B Wave eCommerce platform.

Importing Customers 

To import customers for the first time on your B2B portal, complete these steps:

Step 1. Go to Tools >Import Customers menu on your Admin Dashboard. 

Step 2. On the page that opens, you can download our customer list template by clicking on “Sample file import” in .xlsx format.

You can populate this file to mass import your customers. This spreadsheet features the necessary information your imported file is recommended to include. Specifically:

company_name Enter the name of the customer’s company
email Type the company’s primary email address
name Fill in the company’s primary contact name
phone Add the company’s primary phone number
created_at Refers to the date on which this customer entry was created. Add the date in the following format: Month/Day/Year
updated_at Corresponds to the date on which a customer’s entry was last updated. Type the date in the following format: Month/Day/Year
approved Enter “1”in this field if you have approved the customer
is_active Fill in “1” if the customer is active
disable_ordering Type “1” if the customer is not allowed to place orders on your B2B portal
company_activities Enter short description of the customer’s activity (e.g., Retailer, Supplier)
discount_percentage Add the discount percentage that applies to the customer, if applicable. This discount applies toall products you sell to them. Leave this field blank if no discount applies to the customer
sales_reps Type the name(s) of the sales reps assigned to this company.  When filling in the file, remember to separate each name with a semicolon (;) 
pricelist Enter the price list name assigned to this customer(e.g., Basic Price List)
tax_group Type the tax group the customer belongs to
comments_admin Add any private comments about this company
reference_code Fill in the customer’s reference code
customer_id Add the customer’s company ID number. This information is useful for making API requests
address Type the customer’s company address
city Enter the customer’s city
province Fill in the customer’s company province or state, if applicable
country Add the customer’s country
postal_code Enter the customer’s zip/postal code
website Type the customer’s company website, if applicable
company_number Fill in the customer’s company number
tax_id Add the customer’s companyVAT/Sales Tax number
invoice_same Enter “1” if the customer’s company primary address is the same as the company's invoice address
invoice_company_name Fill in the company’s name as it should appear on the billing details
invoice_name Enter the name that should appear on the company’s billing details
invoice_phone Type in the phone number for the customer’s billing details
invoice_address Add the address that should appear on the customer’s billing details
invoice_city Enter the city that should appear on the customer’s billing details 
invoice_province Enter the province or state that should appear on the customer’s billing details, if applicable
invoice_country Enter the country that should appear on the customer’s billing details
invoice_postal_code Fill in the postal code that should appear on the customer’s billing details
invoice_tax_id Add the VAT/Sales Tax number that should appear on the customer’s billing details
latest_order_submitted_at Refers to the date and time of a customer’s last order (e.g.,"12/16/2019 10:54")
customer_preferred_products Enter the products suggested for a specific customer separating product codes/SKUs with a comma (,)
payment_options Type the customer’s payment options (e.g., Cash On Delivery,Credit Card [with Stripe]), separating them with a comma (,)
shipping_options Add the customer’s shipping options (e.g., Free Shipping,$10 Flat, UPS), separating them with a comma (,)
privacy_groups Enter the privacy groups the customer belongs to, if applicable. When filling this field, remember to separate each group with a comma (,)
enable_api Enter "1" if the API is enabled for this customer
receive_email_notifications Enter "1" to allow email notifications for this customer. You can enable or disable this through the “Email Settings” tab on the “Editing customer” page in your Admin Dashboard)
custom_msrp_pricelist Enter the name of the MSRP price list

Step 3. When you are ready to import your customer list, go to Tools >Import Customers and upload your file by clicking “Choose File.” Remember that your file should be in .xlsx format.

Updating Customers 

To update or add customers in bulk to your existing customer list, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Go to Tools> Import Customers and click “export existing customers.” 

Step 2. Open the spreadsheet and make the relevant changes. Then, repeat Step 3, as described above, to import your changes.

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