Importing/Exporting customers

Through the Tools->Import Customers menu in your Admin Dashboard, you can mass import (and also export) your customer lists.

If you wish, you can download the Sample file import, which is a customer list import template that looks like this: 

Below is a list of the columns in this spreadsheet, including a description of what each means.

company_name Name of the customer's company
email Company's primary email address
Company's primary contact name
Company's primary phone number
created_at Date created (Month/Day/Year)
updated_at Date last updated (Month/Day/Year)
approved "1" if this company was approved by an admin
is_active "1" if this company is active
disable_ordering "1" if this company is not allowed to order
company_activities Name of the company's activity
discount_percentage Company-wide percentage discount on all products
sales_reps Name(s) of sales reps assigned to this company. Separate each sales rep name with a semicolon (;)     
pricelist Name of this company's price list (e.g. "Basic Price List")
tax_group Name of this company's tax group
comments_admin Private comments about this company
reference_code Customer Reference Code
customer_id Company ID number (useful for making API requests)
address Company address
city Company city
province Company province
country Company country
postal_code Company zip/postal code
website Company website
company_number Company number
tax_id VAT/Sales Tax number
invoice_same "1" if the company's primary address is the same as the company's invoice address
invoice_company_name Company name on billing details
invoice_name Name on billing details
invoice_phone Phone number on billing details
invoice_address Address on billing details
City on billing details
invoice_province Province on billing details
invoice_country Country on billing details
invoice_postal_code Postal code on billing details
invoice_tax_id VAT/Sales Tax number on billing details
latest_order_submitted_at Datetime of last order (e.g. "12/16/2019 10:54")
payment_options Comma-separated list of payment options (e.g. "Cash On Delivery,Credit Card [with Stripe]")
shipping_options Comma-separated list of shipping options (e.g. "Free Shipping,$10 Flat,UPS")
privacy_groups Comma-separated list of privacy groups
enable_api "1" if the API is enabled for this company
receive_email_notifications "1" if email notifications are enabled for this company (enable/disable this under the 'Email Settings' tab on the "Editing customer" page in your Admin Dashboard)
custom_msrp_pricelist Name of the MSRP price list

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