Storefront Notifications

You can inform customers about a series of issues, such as informing them about a promotion, or changes in their order status, using the notifications on your storefront. Let’s see the type of notifications you can manage on your B2B Wave eCommerce platform.

Global Notifications

Global notifications allow you to inform customers who visit your online B2B store about a sale, limited offers, or important news about your business’s operation (e.g., that your store will be closed on a specific day). 

Let’s see how you can set up these notifications on your B2B eCommerce platform:

Step 1. Go to Settings >Profile and click on the “Advanced” tab.

Step 2. Look for the “Global Notification” tab and type the message you want to share with customers in the content box. Also, you can adjust the text’s appearance (e.g., style, font, size) using the available formatting options.

Step 3. Select “Information” or “Important Message” from the drop-down menu under the “Message Type” field and click “Save” to publish the notification on your storefront. Remember to choose “None” to entirely hide global notifications from your storefront.

Step 4. Once you are finished, go to your storefront to review how your global notifications look. Remember that they will appear on all pages of your B2B portal.

Information Notification Look

Important Message Notification Look

Customer Account Notifications

Account notifications inform customers who log in to your B2B portal about changes regarding their order’s status and messages or replies you sent to them using the “Messages” section of an order.

To access these notifications, customers can click the bell icon next to your storefront’s “My Account” menu.

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