Creating coupons

It is common for many B2B businesses to offer one-time special discounts to their clients either for a specific product or during a specific time period (i.e. seasonal sales). This is easily accomplished through your B2B Wave-powered eCommerce store by creating discount coupons you can share with your customers.

To create a discount coupon, simply follow these steps:

Step 1:  Go to the Settings->Coupons menu in your Admin Dashboard, and click on the "+ New coupon" button.

Step 2:  On the "New coupon" page that opens up, you will find the following options:

  • Code. This field corresponds to the coupon code you will be sharing with your customers. You can either fill in a code of your choosing using any combination of numbers, letters or symbols, or you can click on "Generate code" and the system will automatically generate one for you.
  • Coupon type. You can create two (2) coupon types:  a coupon based on a percentage discount, or a discount based on a fixed amount that will be subtracted from an order placed by your customer.
  • Percentage/Amount discount. Enter the percentage or fixed amount discount you wish to use for the coupon.
  • Expires. Select the coupon's expiry date (if applicable).
  • Minimum amount of order. Fill this field if you want to link your coupon offer to a minimum order amount. For example, you may want all coupon holders to receive a 15% discount on all orders over 100 GBP.
  • One time use. Uncheck this box if the coupon can be used more than one time.
  • Active. Check this box to activate the coupon. Make sure you keep this box unchecked if the coupon's offer is inactive or if you wish to deactivate it.

After you have added all the relevant details, click "Save". Your coupon has been created!

Once you have activated your coupon, you can send the coupon code to your customers.

It's easy for your customers to use your coupon. They simply type the relevant code into the "Coupon code" field when placing their order in your storefront. When they hit "APPLY", the coupon's discount will be automatically applied to their order. 

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