Setting up Your Account Profile

Ready to get started with B2B Wave? This article will present a brief overview of how to set up your account profile, personalize your storefront features to better align your B2B portal with your brand and sales and marketing policy, configure features for your storefront and backend, and connect your analytics and more to your B2B eCommerce platform. Also, throughout this article, we’ll share links to articles with detailed information on configuring your account.

To set and edit this information, go to Settings >Profile on your Admin Panel. There, you will find a series of tabs. Let’s go over them.

Basic Info

Add and edit basic information about your company, such as your logo, company name and description, country, and language options. Find out in-depth information about this tab in this dedicated article.


Select how products appear on your storefront, add your footer logo, set your store’s primary color, and edit your PDF catalog’s design. See how to customize your storefront here.


Enter your company address, phone, and fax number.

Social media

Add links to your social media accounts - these will appear on your storefront’s footer. See here how to do this

Email notifications

Specify which customer company members and which members of your team will receive email notifications regarding a specific customer’s activity (e.g., new order notifications, invoices). You can read a comprehensive run-through of this tab in this article.

Application configuration

Activate or deactivate certain storefront functions, such as allowing customers to order by product codes (quick order) or managing stock levels for products. Read here to learn everything you need to know about this tab and how you can further configure your B2B eCommerce platform.

Customer registration fields

Choose which fields should be mandatory when a customer signs up for your online B2B store. Find out more in this article.

Default Values

Specify default settings for your products, including inventory tracking and backorders, and set a default image for your products, if applicable.


Add your Google Analytics code, Facebook conversion tracking (pixel, and Google AdWords conversion tracking code. You can also customize your storefront’s look and feel with custom CSS code. Learn more here.

API configuration

Here you can get your API token and define your webhooks. Read everything you need to know about our API.


Manage your platform integrations like QuickBooks, Xero, ShipStation, and many more. Find out more about our powerful integrations here.

Mobile app (iOS/Android) 

Define if you want admins to use the Sales Reps Mobile App. To do so, check the “Allow access to all customers from admin users” box. Learn more about our mobile app in this article.

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