Banner management

Banners have transformed the world of marketing and advertising, and our software allows you to upload and add banners to your storefront’s homepage so you don't miss out!

What should these banners be? You can use banners to promote new products, special offers or seasonal sales, and this tutorial will show you how to set them up.

First, go to the Banners menu and click on the “+ New Banner” button as shown below.

On the page that opens up, you can upload a new banner, set the order of its appearance, link it to a specific page in your store, and even add a caption to it. To make a banner active on your storefront, check the “Active” box and then click "Save".

Note that the optimal dimensions for a banner are 970 x 360 pixels. You can easily resize images that do no meet these specific dimensions here by uploading an existing banner in step 1; entering 970 x 360 in step 4 as shown here; clicking on "Resize Image" at the bottom; and then selecting "Download Image", after which you can upload the new resized banner to your B2B Wave store.

Remember that you can quickly review, edit or delete your banners at any time under the Banners menu. 

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