Banner Management

Banners have transformed the world of marketing and advertising both for B2C and B2B eCommerce. Your B2B Wave eCommerce platform allows you to promote new products, special offers, or seasonal sales through banners on the homepage of your storefront. 

To add banners to your storefront, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Banners menu on your Admin panel and click “+ New Banner.”

Step 2. Enter the information on the “New Banner” page and click “Save.” 

Specifically, you should define the following:

View Order  Select the order in which you want the banner to appear on your storefront. For example, if you want the banner to appear first on your homepage, set the value to “0”, if you want it to appear second, set the value “1”, and so on
Active Check the box if you want to make the banner visible on your storefront
Url  Enter the URL of the page you want your banner to link (e.g., /products/offers)
Private Check this box if you want the banner visible only to specific customers or privacy groups. You can enter the names of these select customers or privacy groups in the relevant fields that appear
Remember that if the banner is private, only the selected customer(s) and privacy group(s) can see it. For example, we made the banner below visible only to customers Demo Coffee and Demo Coffee – Brooklyn
Once these customers log in to their store, they will be the only ones who can see the banner.
Image Drop the image file or click on this field to upload the banner. Note that the optimal dimensions for a banner are 970 x 360 pixels

Step 3. Go to your storefront to review the new banner.

NOTE: You can review, edit, or delete banners and change their view order through the  Banners menu. You can also easily change their order through drag & drop.

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