Customer Approval

Customers can quickly sign up for your store by submitting a registration form on your storefront. However, you'll need to accept their registration to finalize their signup and allow them to place orders online. This article will walk you through this process. 

To sign up for your B2B store, customers should type your store’s website address (URL) in their preferred browser’s address bar (e.g., Then, on your website, they can sign up for your store. Once they submit the registration form, they will receive an email confirming their username and informing them that you will check their request and activate their account as soon as possible.

Now, let’s see how you can approve them once they register.

Step 1. Go to the Customers menu on the Admin Panel. Customers pending approval will appear at the top of your customer list on this page.

Step 2. Review the customer’s details. You can click the pencil icon to view more information they have shared through the “Sign up” form (e.g., full address).

Step 3. Go to the “Status” column and choose the appropriate sales tax group and currency for the customer from the available drop-down menus. 

Step 4. Click “Approve” to finalize the customer’s registration to your store. Once you do, the customer will receive an email confirming the approval of their registration to your store. Alternatively, click “X” to decline and delete the customer’s signup request.

Remember that once you approve a customer, you can assign a price list to them and set preferred products and payment options by accessing their details through the Customers menu.

NOTE: You can opt to accept customer signups on your digital store automatically. To do so, go to Settings >Profile >Application configuration and check the “Auto approve customer registrations” option under the “Customers” section. 

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