Inviting Customers via Email

You can invite customers to your B2B Wave eCommerce platform via email and automatically create accounts for clients whose emails you already have. This way, customers will receive an invitation email to log in to your online B2B store, including an auto-generated password and a short message defined by you. To do so, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Go to the Customers menu on your Admin Dashboard and click “Invite Customers by Email.”

Step 2. On the “Invite Customers by Email,” enter the necessary information.


Emails * Insert customers’ emails separated by a new line (that is, press “Enter” on your computer after you type an address). Remember that you can send up to 25 invitations daily and that this field is mandatory. Finally, send out invitations  only to email addresses you have verified; otherwise, they may be considered spam
Sales Tax/VAT menu  Choose from the drop-down menu to the Sales Tax/VAT group the customers belong to 
Price list menu Select the price list the customers belong to from the drop-down menu 
Email subject * Enter the email subject. Remember that this field is mandatory 
Email content * Type the content of the email and format it using the available options. You can also create custom welcome templates for invitations 
Save subject and content for reuse Check this option to save the email subject and content - this way, you can use it again 
Enter alias Type here a name under which to store the specific email subject and content  

Step 3. Click “Invite accounts” to send your invites to the selected customers. Invited customers will receive a welcome email with login details and information on how to set a new password.

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