Product Options

Your products may be available in different sizes or colors or come with additional add-ons or customizations. On your B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can create product options to reflect these different versions of each product. Let’s see how you can do this: 

Step 1. Go to Products >Options, then click “New product option group.”

Step 2. Fill in the necessary information on the “New product option group” page.

Specifically, on this page, you will encounter the following fields:

Name Enter the name of the option you want to create (e.g., Size)
Code Add a code name for the option (e.g., SZ)
Type Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. Here you will find the following selections:
  1. Simple Text: Available product options will appear on your B2B store as a simple text field that your customer can fill in. Consider this option if customers can customize your product (e.g., add or engrave a message on a product)
  2. List of values: Available options will appear in a drop-down menu for your customer to choose from. Consider this option if customers can choose from products that come in different colors, sizes, weights (e.g., 10 oz, 12 oz), or flavors. Remember to insert additional information here, such as each option’s name, code, color, or image. Note that you can create product variants only for this product option type
  3. Add Image: Available product options are custom based on customer requests. Consider this option to allow customers to upload images of how they want the product variant to look (e.g., custom designs for screen printing or wallpapers)
View Order Specify the order for this option to appear on your B2B portal’s product listings. For example, if you want it to appear first on your homepage, set the value to “0” if you want it to appear second, set the value “1”, and so on

Is required
Check this box if you require customers to select a product option when placing orders

Step 3. Click “Save” to store your product option.

Step 4. Go to Products >Products and click the product you want to assign a product option.

Step 5. On the “Editing product” page and look for the “Product Options” tab. Then, click “+” and select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. Remember that you can add up to two (2) options per product. Once you finish, click “Save.” 

The product’s listing on your storefront will now reflect your selections.

NOTE: You can also assign your product options to products in bulk. Check out our Importing Product Options article to learn how to do it. And see how you can add prices to any of your product options, read our Product Option Price Adjustments guide

Deleting Product Options Manually

To delete product options manually, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Products >Options and select the option you want to delete. 

Step 2. Click the “x” button to delete the option permanently.

Remember that you cannot delete product options if they are assigned to products. So, make sure that you remove them first from products by following these steps:

Step 1. Go to Products >Products. Then, choose the product for which you’ve created the option. 

Step 2. Look for the “Product options” tab, click “x” and then “Save” to remove the option.

Once you remove an option, any relevant reference to it in submitted and open orders will be removed from them, and the order will include the main ordered item, its quantity, and total cost.

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