Product Configuration

You can quickly set and adjust the pricing of your product variants through the product’s page on your Admin Dashboard. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Products > Products, click on the product you want to adjust prices for its options, and look for the “Price adjustments per option” tab. Remember that you must create product options and a price list to generate price adjustments for each option.

Step 2. Add the price adjustments for each product option and price list, and then click “Save” to store your changes. Remember only to enter positive values - negative values will not appear on your B2B portal’s storefront.

Importantly, note that price adjustments are calculated on top of the product’s initial price for each price list.

For example, the Honduras product below costs $10.00 on the Basic Price List (USD). Now, customer Demo Coffee, assigned to this price list, wants to order the 14 oz option of this blend. In this case, the product will cost $15.00/item, calculated as the sum of the base price of the product ($10.00) and the price adjustment for this option ($5.00). 

Subsequently, if the customer orders the 18 oz option, they will be charged $20.00/item, which is $10.00 corresponding to the product’s base price and an additional $10.00 to the product option’s price adjustment.

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