Product Configuration

The 'Price Adjustments Per Option' tab allows you to easily set and adjust prices for your product variants. Alternatively, you can edit the price by editing product variants

To setup price adjustments, first, create a product option and a price list if you haven't already.  In the following example, our product costs $5.00 on the Basic Price List. 

Next, go to the "Price Adjustments per Option" tab in your product's menu and add your price adjustments. 

If a customer on the Basic Price List chooses the 18 oz option, the item will cost the base price of $5.00 plus the price adjustment of $8.00 ($13.00/item). If the customer chooses the 14 oz option, each item's cost will be the base price of $5.00 plus the price adjustment of $4.00 ($9.00/item). If the the customer chooses the 10 oz option, they will only be charged the base price of $5.00 per item.

NOTE: Only enter positive values. Negative values will not reflect on your website. 

Press 'Save' to see the changes reflected on your website. 

Below, we can see that the above changes were made - this customer (on the Basic Price List) is charged $9.00/item for the 18 oz option.

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