Importing Product Options

Your products may come in different sizes and colors. On your B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can create product options for your products. To see how to do this manually, read our article Product options. This article will show how you can mass import your product options to your online B2B store.

Creating and Importing Product Options

To mass import product options on your digital store for the first time, follow these steps:  

Step 1. Go to the Products >Import menu in your Admin Dashboard.

Step 2. Click “Sample file import” to download the sample file.

Step 3. Open the spreadsheet and look for the “available_options,” and enter the product option types you want to use in your storefront, separating each with a comma (e.g., Size, Color, Shape) and leaving no spaces between them. Remember that B2B Wave supports the following option types:

  • Simple Text: Available product options will appear on your B2B store as a simple text field that your customer can fill in. Consider this option if customers can customize your product (e.g., add or engrave a message on a product)
  • List of values: Available options will appear in a drop-down menu for your customers to choose from. Consider this option if customers can choose from products that come in different colors, sizes, weights (e.g., 10 oz, 12 oz), or flavors. Remember to insert additional information here, such as each option’s name, code, color, or image. To find out more, click here. Product variants can be created only for these options.
  • Add Image: Available product options are custom based on customer requests. Consider this option to allow customers to upload images of how they want the product variant to look (e.g., custom designs for screen printing or wallpapers)

Step 4. For each List of values option type, you can create a new column to the right of the previous column and name it following this example “option_values_[option name]” (e.g., option_values_Size). Then, fill in the column, adding available sizes for each product, using a comma (,) to separate them and leaving no spaces (e.g., X,M,L,XL).

Step 5. Once you add all your product options and their types, save your spreadsheet. Then, go to Products >Import, select a price list from the “Price List” drop-down menu, click “Choose File” to select your file, and “Import” to upload it. Remember that your file should be in .xlsx format.

Step 6. Go to Products >Options to see your updated product option types. 

NOTE: You can click a particular product option to see or edit the type and values you created for it.

Now, available product options and variants will appear on your storefront. 

NOTE: If you have already uploaded products to your B2B Wave platform, you can do the same procedure, as described above, by exporting your product list. To do so, go to  Products >Export, select a price list from the “Price List” drop-down menu, and then click on the “Export” button.  

Updating Available Product Options in Bulk

You can update all available product option values and variants simultaneously by following these steps:

Step 1. Go to Products >Export on your Admin Panel. Select a price list from the “Price List” drop-down menu, and click “Export.” Remember that it’s better to use your standard price lists (that is, avoid using based-on price lists) for this.

Step 2. Open the spreadsheet, locate the “available_options” column, and edit the existing values.

Step 3. Move to the “option_values_[variant name]” columns to update them, if applicable (e.g., if you have product variants in different colors, look for the “option_values_Color” column). Here, you can add “all” if all product variants are available in your store or enter the available ones, separating them with a comma (,) and without spaces between them (e.g., Black,Grey,Blue). You can leave this cell empty if there are no options for a particular product.

NOTE: Remember to do this for each product code with variants. Also, if you want to update only your product variants, we suggest using the procedure described in our dedicated article here.

Step 4. Go to the Products >Import, select the relevant price list from the drop-down menu, click “Choose File,” and then “Import” to upload your file.

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