Product Option Price Adjustments

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If your product options cost an additional fee, you can assign prices to any product options in B2B Wave following these steps below. If you haven’t assigned options to your products yet, you will need to follow the steps in our Product Options guide here before adding any price adjustments to product options.

  1. Go to the Products > Products menu and select any product with options that you would like to assign prices to. 
  2. On the Editing product page, select the Price adjustments per option tab. This will open the screen you see below where you can input a price for any product option values, for any of your price lists:

Repeat this process for any products that you would like to add different pricing for any product options. If you would like to assign prices to your products’ available options in bulk, you can follow these steps below.

  1. Go to Tools > Import Product Price Adjustments and click on the Sample file import option to download an Excel template with the required columns for this import:

2. Go to Products > Export and export your product information, selecting any price list from the drop-down. You can then copy the data from this export into the columns with the Sample file import in Step 1.

TIP: If you have the same product option pricing structure for several products, just fill in the product_sku for the first row, then copy and paste the data for each product that uses the same pricing structure. You can then update the SKU for each additional set.

3. Once you’ve finished entering in all data to your Excel import sheet, go back to Tools > Import Product Price Adjustments, upload the file and click Import.

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