Using one email for multiple customers

As a wholesale business, it is common for you to have customers who have multiple store locations (Retailers) or who have multiple distribution territories (Distributors). These customers often find it easier to manage the orders for their various locations or territories separately, but under one single account with one email.

If a similar scenario applies to any of your customers, and you would like to create multiple customers under the same email address, we can now support this. To activate this feature for your B2B Wave account, please contact our support team at

Once this feature has been activated for your account, you will be able to create new customers that use the same email address as an existing customer, or update the email address of existing customers to have the same email address. 

Once you add the email address to the customer profile in B2B Wave and click Save, you will see this option appear under the customer’s email address:

After reviewing this notice and confirming that you would like to proceed, just check the box beside the note > scroll to the bottom of the page > click Save. Here is an example of what multiple customer profiles with same email address will then look like from your account:

Customers who login to their account with your B2B Wave store will be able to switch between the different ‘Customer’ accounts with the same email address by clicking on the Account tab. Here they will see that they can easily switch between the different customer accounts they have associated with their email address:

Important Note: 

The ‘Customers’ will display in alphabetical order, so the customer whose name comes first in the alphabet will always be who they will be logged in as automatically. Due to this, it is advisable to inform your customers to click the 'Account' tab as soon as they login, to make sure that they are placing their order from the correct account.

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