Order History & Re-Ordering

Through your B2B Wave-powered eCommerce platform, customers can review their submitted orders and order past items. They can do so by clicking the “Order History” tab.

Accessing Order History and Re-Ordering 

The “Order History” page features a list of customers’ past orders, including their order ID, placement date, and statuses (e.g., Submitted, Being Prepared, Invoiced). This page lets customers quickly look up past orders based on their submission, delivery date, reference number, or the user who submitted it.  

Also, customers can duplicate an order quickly. How? Clicking the “Re-order” button automatically adds all products from a specific order into their cart.Selecting "Re-order" will automatically add all products from the order into your cart.

Reviewing Individual Orders

Customers can also view submitted orders individually. To do so, they need to click on the “View” tab to get an extensive overview of a specific order and keep track of its status.

Through the individual page of an order, customers can also inquire or leave comments about it (e.g., confirmation of the delivery date) by leaving a message in the relevant box, export the order in an excel spreadsheet file, and view the order’s status and any changes to it (e.g., Submitted, Completed, Awaiting Payment).

Finally, this page allows customers to add product individually to an order and send a message to you to inform you about the change in the order’s items.

NOTE: If your customers do not see the “Order history” button, please contact our support@b2bwave.com.

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