Main Pages

Your B2B Wave eCommerce platform comes with the following four (4) default pages on your storefront:

  • Home
  • Deals (it also appears as Offers)
  • Latest News
  • Contact us

Let’s look at each of these pages and how you can use and personalize them

Home page

The Home page is the main page of your store. This page opens when customers log in to your B2B eCommerce platform. Also, you can personalize your Home page by:

  • Selecting what each customer sees on your storefront Home page, such as suggested products for them. To see how you can do this, read our article on how to add Customer Homepage Products.

  • Adding banners to promote new products, promotions, and discounts. Check out how you can add and manage banners on your storefront.
  • Promoting specific products on your Home page. To find out more on how you can set featured products in our dedicated article.

Deals page

The  Deals (Offers) page displays products to which you have applied a discount, making the buying experience easier for your customers.

If you want products with discounts to appear on this page, go to Products >Products on your Admin panel, select a product you have created an offer for, and click on “Promotion” tab. Next, choose if you want this product to appear on the Deals (Offers) page through the drop-down menu under “Show in deals page.”

Latest News page

On the Latest News, you can share news and updates about your product list and brands, promotions, or new collections with your customers. In addition, you can create and manage the posts that appear on this page through the News menu on your Admin panel.

If you want to deactivate the Latest News page, go to  Settings >Profile. In the “Appearance” tab, uncheck the “Show Latest News” box, and click “Save.”

Contact Us page

This page allows existing and potential customers (if your online B2B store is public) to contact you by filling out a simple form. To remove this page, please get in touch with us at

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