Creating your PDF catalog

This article explains how to create your digital product catalog in the PDF Catalog menu, how to configure PDF catalog settings, and how to troubleshoot error messages.

To begin, choose which product categories to include in your catalog and the price list you want to use. You can also choose which products will be featured in your catalog based on category, brand, product status, availability, minimum order quantity, and more. Next, choose which price list you would like to show prices for, select any additional options on the right, and choose the number of products to be displayed on each page. 

When it comes to creating your PDF catalog, the following options are available:

Categories If you wish to export only specific categories, use Control + Click to select multiple categories. To export all categories to your PDF catalog, select one and then use Control + A to select all.
Brands Select specific brands using Control + Click. Otherwise, all available brands will be included in your PDF catalog.
Group by Brand Select "Group by Brand" to showcase your products grouped by brand in your PDF catalog.
Price list Select the price list that will be displayed in the price tags in your digital product catalog.
Customer You may have assigned different products and prices to each of your customers. If you wish to generate a PDF catalog for a specific customer, simply type their name in this box.
Product status If you want all product statuses to be displayed in your catalog, leave the options featured in this box unselected. To export only specific product statuses, use Control + Click to select the ones you want.
Only products with discounts Select this option to include only products that have discounts applied to them.
Hide prices Select this option to hide product prices from your PDF catalog. 
In alphabetical order Select this option to sort all products alphabetically in the catalog.
Show full category path in title By default, the PDF catalog will display the category title. However, there are cases when the category title alone is not helpful. For example, let's say you have a product category named "Chargers" that is different from "Laptop->Chargers" and "Mobile phones->Chargers". In this case, it is more helpful to export the full category path.
Show product status Select this option to display a product's status below the product image on the catalog.
Show product description By choosing this option, product descriptions will be displayed in your PDF catalog. Remember to add a product description to the "PDF description" field under the Product->Advanced menu for each of your products.
Show available quantity
Select this option to show the available quantity left in stock for each of your products.
Show minimum quantity If you have set a minimum order quantity, this will be shown on your PDF catalog.
Show detailed product discounts   If you have multiple discounts on a single product, selecting this will show up to three of these discounts below the product's image.
Show UPC code Select this option if you want the UPC code to be shown in your PDF catalog.
Show MSRP Select this option if you want the manufacturer's suggested retail price to be shown in your PDF catalog.
Show quick order link Select this option to add a 'quick order' link to each product in your PDF catalog. When your customers click on the link, they will be transferred to the specific product page on your B2B Wave store.
Per page
This drop-down menu will present you with three options:  20 (4x5), 9 (3x3), 6 (2x3), and 4 (2x2). This allows you to choose to show bigger or smaller images of your products in your PDF catalog. The 9 (3x3) option is recommended.

Once you are finished choosing your the options for your PDF catalog, just click on “Generate PDF” and your PDF catalog will be created and stored on your computer in a matter of seconds!

Logos & Colours for Your PDF Catalog

Under the Settings/Profile menu, select the 'Appearance' tab to customise your catalog's logo, cover and colours.

Select a colour in "PDF category color" to change the colour of the category titles in your catalog from the default black. Select a colour in "PDF image border color" to specify a colour for the outline border around each product in your catalog.

Your catalog cover will be placed on the front page of your catalog, and the catalog logo will be placed in the top left of each page.


1. "Sorry! It looks like something went wrong"

  • You may be using a wrong format for the logo or cover. Convert your image to PNG or JPEG, then try again.

2. "No products found. Please ensure that either the categories or products are not private or select a customer from the list that has access to the products"

  • You selected 'show only products with discounts' but don't have any products with discounts. Deselect this option and try again.
  • You only selected a parent category. If the parent category has subcategories, you need to select the parent category and subcategories. 
  • Some of your products are in a privacy group. You need to enter a customer that belongs to this privacy group in order to show these products. 
  • Your product categories are set to private. Make these product categories public temporarily and create a catalog while they're public.

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