Customer and Sales Rep PDF catalogs

It is not necessary to send your PDF catalog to your customers and sales reps every time you update it. Any changes you make to your PDF catalog will be automatically reflected in your storefront catalog.

I. Customer PDF Catalog 

You can allow your customers to generate their PDF catalog in real time. To enable this option, click on "Allow customers to download PDF catalog" in the 'Application configuration'  tab under the Settings->Profile menu.

II. Sales Rep PDF Catalog 

You can also give your sales reps permission to generate their PDF catalog. To enable this option, under the Sales Reps menu, select the sales rep you wish to give this permission to and, on the "Editing Sales Rep" page that opens, click on "Allow to generate pdf catalog".

By enabling these two options, both your customers and sales reps will be able to access their custom PDF catalog simply by pressing the "PDF CATALOG" button underneath the sidebar menu, as shown below.

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