Customising your logo and colours

B2B Wave allows you to customise the appearance of your storefront.

First, under the Settings->Profile menu, you can add your company logo in the 'Basic Info' tab.

 In the 'Appearance' tab, you can choose the colour palette, the primary font, additional logos, and more. Here is a list of options that are available and what each of them means:

Default logo Allows you to import your main storefront logo at any size and automatically resizes the image height to 42px. (This can be customized by our support team)
Default product view
Determines whether products are shown in list view or grid view by default.
Primary color
Determines the colour of the navigation bar, various buttons, sidebar hover, and more.
Secondary color
Determines the colour of the sidebar, various buttons, navigation bar hover, and more.
Primary font
Changes the font of the header text throughout your site.
Favicon Allows you to upload a custom favicon for your storefront.
Footer Logo
Allows you to add a custom logo for your storefront's footer.
Show Offers
Adds a 'Deals' button to the navigation bar that links to a page where customers can view your discounted products.
Show Latest Products
Adds a 'Latest Products' section to your homepage that displays the latest four (4) products that you have added to your store.
Show Latest News
Adds a 'Latest News' section to your homepage that shows your recent News posts.
Disable copyright in footer
Removes the text 'Powered By B2B Wave' from the footer of your store.

Catalog Logos and Colours

In the 'Appearance' tab under the Settings->Profile menu, you can customise your digital PDF catalog. You can read more about PDF catalogs here.

Select a colour in "PDF category color" to change the colour of the category titles in your catalog from the default black. Select a colour in "PDF image border color" to specify a colour for the outline border around each product in your catalog.

Your catalog cover will be placed on the front page of your catalog, and the catalog logo will be placed in the top left of each page.

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