Creating an Order From the Admin Portal

Sometimes, customers may exceptionally call you to place a new order. On your B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can impersonate customers and order on their behalf. Let's see how you can do this.

Step 1. Go to the Customers menu on your Admin Panel, select the customer whom you want to impersonate, and click the computer icon shown below to log in to your B2B store as the specific customer.

Step 2. Browse the storefront to find the items you want to purchase and add times to the customer's cart. Click on the cart to review the order. Then, click "Next" to submit the order.

Step 3. Select the address, shipping, and payment options, and click "Send Order."

Step 4. Once you confirm the order on the customer's behalf, you can see it in the Orders menu. 

Importantly, customers can access the order you've submitted on their behalf through the "Order history" tab on your B2B portal's storefront. Find out more about order history and re-ordering here.

NOTE: If you wish to create a test order using a specific payment provider such as Stripe or Square, you should use test API credentials and a test credit card. You can contact our support team for additional help in doing so.

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