Creating an Order From the Admin Portal

Sometimes, customers may exceptionally call you to place an order or email their order to you. On your B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can impersonate customers and order on their behalf or simply create an order directly through the Admin Panel. Let’s see how you can do this.

Impersonating a Customer to Place an Order

You can place an order on a customer’s behalf by impersonating them. To do so, complete these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Customers menu on your Admin Panel, select the customer you want to impersonate, and click the computer icon to log in to your B2B store as the specific customer.

Step 2. Browse the storefront to find the items you want to purchase and add times to the customer’s cart. Click on the cart to review the order. Then, click “Next” to submit the order.

Step 3. Select the address, shipping, and payment options, and click “Send Order.”

Step 4. Once you confirm the order on the customer’s behalf, it will appear in the Orders menu. 

Importantly, customers can access this order through the “Order history” tab on your B2B portal’s storefront. Find out more about order history and re-ordering here.

NOTE: If you wish to create a test order using a specific payment provider such as Stripe or Square, you should use test API credentials and a test credit card. For additional help, you can contact our support team.

Creating an Order from the Admin Panel

You can create an order for a customer directly through the Admin Panel by following these steps:

Step 1. Contact our support team to activate this feature for your account.

Step 2. Go to the Orders menu and click “Create Order.”

Step 3. Type in the customer name or email and click “Create Order” to place an order for this customer.

Step 4. Start filling out the necessary information under the “Customer Notes” section, and click “Save and stay on page.” 

Specifically, here you'll encounter these fields:

Comments Type in any comments the customer shared with you regarding this order
Purchase order Enter the Purchase Order number provided by the customer, if applicable
Payment option Select the customer’s preferred payment method from the drop-down menu

Step 5. Move to the “Order” section, fill out the necessary fields, and click “Save and stay on page.” Here, you’ll need to check the following:

Delivery date Select the delivery date from the calendar menu if you require this information from customers. Remember that you can enable this through Profile >Settings >Application configuration. Find out more about this here
Comments for customer Add here any comments you have for the customer’s order
Shipping costs Enter the order’s shipping costs
Shipping options Select the appropriate shipping option from the drop-down menu
Admin notes Type your notes regarding this order. Remember that this field is internal, and it’s not visible to customers

Step 6. Move to the “Files” section, click “Choose File,” and upload any document you want to share with the customer regarding the specific order, if applicable.

Step 7. Go to the “Products” section and click “+ Add product to order” to start placing the order. 

Step 8. Type in the product name or code on the “Select product” window, then click “+ Add product to order.”

Step 9. Enter the ordered quantity in the “Quantity” field in the “Add product line” window. Also, you can select the appropriate product options, if available (e.g., Size, Color). Once you’re done, click “Save changes.” 

NOTE: To keep adding products to the order, repeat Steps 7-9.

Step 10. Scroll down to the “Discount” section to edit, remove, or add a discount, if applicable. Read our dedicated order discounts article to see how you can do this.

NOTE: Remember that you can edit or change the order further by going to the Orders menu and selecting the relevant order. 

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