Quickbooks Enterprise Integration

You can link your B2B Wave account with QuickBooks Enterprise (or QuickBooks Desktop) to sync order, sales, customer and product data, and more. This article will walk you through connecting B2B Wave and QuickBooks Desktop. If you need additional clarifications or help, please get in touch with our support team.

To set up the QuickBooks Enterprise integration, follow these steps:

Step 1. Contact our support team to enable the integration.

Step 2. Go to Settings >Profile >Integration. Here, you will see which fields you need to retrieve from your QuickBooks Enterprise account to complete the integration with B2B Wave. 

Step 3. Open QuickBooks Enterprise. Click Lists >Items Lists, copy “COGS Account” and “Income account,” and paste it to the “Expense account name*” and “Income account name*” fields on B2B Wave, respectively.

Step 4. Click Vendors > Sales tax > Manage Sales Tax. While on that page, on the “Related Tasks” items, click “View Sales Tax Items.” Use the “Tax Agency value” in the “Default Tax Agency name (Vendor you collect taxes for)” field.

Step 5. Head back to Lists >Item Lists and search for “Discount” (or any other similar field) if you need to add a discount to an order. Then, use the discount item's name in the “Default Discount item name (Linked with an account)” field on B2B Wave.

Step 6. Search for “Shipping (or any other similar field). Remember that this needs to be a “Service” item type in Lists >Item Lists if you need to add shipping costs to an order. Copy and paste the item’s name in the “Default Shipping costs item name field” on B2B Wave. 

Step 7. Click any item in Lists >Item Lists and use the appropriate values from the “Tax Code” field (usually “Tax” and “Non”) to “Default Taxable item code (B2B Wave) or “Default Non-taxable item code” on B2B Wave.

Step 8. Add a Web Connector password to the relevant field, then click “Download Web Connector Configuration” at the bottom of the page to download the configuration file.

Step 9. Open the Web Connector on QuickBooks Desktop through File >App Management >Update Web Services and click on File >Add an application. Add the file you’ve downloaded from B2B Wave, copy, and paste the password in the Web Connector app box and hit “Enter.” Note that QuickBooks Desktop will ask you to save the password.

Step 10. Check the application and click on “Update Selected.” Once you’re done, your QuickBooks Desktop should be connected with your B2B Wave account. 

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