QuickBooks Online integration

Through our integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO), you can create a QBO invoice from within your B2B Wave account. Additionally, the integration will sync order data, customer data, product data, and more from B2B Wave to QBO. 

Sending invoice data to QuickBooks

If you have a trial account with B2B Wave, the QuickBooks integration is not enabled by default. If you need to enable this integration in your trial, please contact our support team.

To activate the QuickBooks Online integration functionality, go to the Settings > Profile menu in your Admin Dashboard, then click on the Integrations tab:

Now, click the Intuit Sign in button:

After you have successfully connected to QuickBooks Online, enter your default account names and click Save. This information will be used when creating a customer or a product in QuickBooks. You can also use the bottom checkboxes to send data to QuickBooks Online as an Estimate or Invoice:

After you have finished activating the QuickBooks Online integration, you will be able to see a Create QuickBooks Invoice button when reviewing a customer’s order within the Orders section of your B2B Wave account. Clicking this button will immediately send the order data to QuickBooks and create an invoice. 

Selecting Send Email will send the invoice to the email address(es) you have set for the customer in question. To add/edit the email address linked to a customer profile, go to Customers > select customer > Email Settings and enter the customer’s email address(es) within the Email for Invoice field.

Technical Details

When you create an invoice, the system will do the following:


  • B2B Wave will try to detect if the customer already exists in QBO by looking up their email or company name (if the email doesn't match)
  • If there is not a match, B2B Wave will create a new customer in QBO

Ordered Products

  • B2B Wave will try to detect if the ordered product exists as a QBO Item by looking up the product by its SKU (or by it’s name if the SKU doesn't match)
  • If the product doesn’t exist, B2B Wave will create a new 'non-inventory' Item in QBO


  • B2B Wave will create the invoice based on the customer, product(s), discount(s), and shipping cost within the order
  • B2B Wave will store the invoice PDF on the order page. Administrators can access this invoice from the Order Edit page and send the customer an email with the invoice attached. Customers are also able to see the invoice generated for their order.


A two-way integration also exists for tracking stock levels. When you change the stock quantity of an item in QBO, the following will happen within B2B Wave:

  • QBO will inform B2B Wave of an inventory change
  • B2B Wave will look internally for a product that matches the QBO item SKU, with the QBO product code
  • If the product exists in B2B Wave, i’s quantity will be updated in B2B Wave.

Error Messages and Solutions

"Duplicate Document Number Error" Toggle off 'Custom Transaction Numbers' in QBO or check if there is an invoice/estimate with the same order number in QBO
"undefined method 'find_by'for nil:NilClass" Make sure you have entered your QBO credentials correctly and re-connected through the 'Integrations' tab.

If you see an error message that is not listed above, please contact our support team.

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