QuickBooks Online Integration

Through the QuickBooks Online integration (QBO), you can create invoices from within your B2B Wave account. You can also sync order, customer, and product data, and many more. Let’s see how you can set up the integration on your B2B Wave eCommerce platform.

Connecting QuickBooks Online with B2B Wave

To set up the QuickBooks Online integration, complete these steps: 

Step 1. Connect our support team to enable the integration for your account. 

Step 2. Login to B2B Wave, go to Settings >Profile, and click the “Integrations” tab. Then Click “intuit Sign in.”

Step 3. After successfully signing in to QuickBooks Online, enter your default account names and click “Save.” B2B Wave will use this information when creating a customer or a product in QuickBooks. 

Step 4. Define which data you want to send or retrieve to QuickBooks Online by checking the available options. Specifically: 

Enable Invoices Check this box to enable invoice generation on QuickBooks through B2B Wave
Enable Estimates Select this option to send estimates to QuickBooks Online
Update paid invoices Check this box to update the paid status and balance of B2B Wave orders based on whether the QuickBooks Online Invoice has been paid
Update inventory Select this option to update inventory levels in B2B Wave when you change a product’s stock quantity in QuickBooks Online
Update prices Check this box to automatically update product prices in B2B Wave when you change their pricing in QuickBooks Online

Step 5. Set the appropriate QuickBooks Online bank account for your credit card payment options. To do so, go to Profile >Payment options and select the proper payment method. Next, select the appropriate options in the “Integration Reference” field. Note that B2B Wave pulls the drop-down menu options from QuickBooks Online. In this respect, here you will find only your configured bank accounts. Also, you can optionally set a specific Deposit account under the “Integration Account Ref*.”  

Step 6. Assign the appropriate QuickBooks Online sales tax rule. To do so, go to Profile >Sales Tax and select a rule. Then, on the “Editing Sales Tax rule,” choose the option from the drop-down menu in the “Integration Reference.” Remember that the drop-down menu will present the tax codes you’ve added in QuickBooks Online. In this respect, the selected QuickBooks Online tax code must have the same rate as the rate of the B2B Wave sales tax rule.

Generating Invoices Using the QuickBooks Online Integration

To create an invoice for an order using QuickBooks Online, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Orders menu and click on an order for which you want to do this.

Step 2. Scroll to the “Files” section and click “Generate QuickBooks invoice” to send the order’s data to QuickBooks and create an invoice. 

Step 3. Check “Send email” to send the invoice to the customer to the email address(es) you have set for them under the “Email for invoice” field on the “Email Settings” tab of each customer’s page. 

Once you create an invoice, customers can see and download it through the order’s page on your storefront.

You can access invoices through the Orders menu by clicking on a specific order and scrolling to the “Files” section.

Understanding How the B2B Wave and QuickBooks Online Integration Works

When you create an invoice, B2B Wave’s system will perform the following actions:

1. Matching customers

B2B Wave will try to detect if the customer already exists in QuickBooks Online by looking up their email or company name, if it can’t match the email. If there’s no match, B2B Wave will create a new customer in QuickBooks Online.

2. Matching Ordered Products

B2B Wave will try to detect if the ordered products exist as QuickBooks Online Items by looking up the product’s SKU or its name, if it can’t match the SKU. If there’s no match, B2B Wave will create a new “non-inventory” item in QuickBooks Online.

3. Tracking Inventory Changes

A two-way integration also exists for tracking stock levels. When you change the stock quantity of an item in QuickBooks Online, then QuickBooks Online will inform B2B Wave about the inventory change. Then, B2B Wave will look internally for a product that matches the QuickBooks Online item’s SKU with the QuickBooks Online product code. If the product exists in B2B Wave, its quantity will be updated.

Troubleshooting Error Messages

You may encounter some issues when attempting to generate an invoice or estimate. Let’s check the usual error messages that may appear and see what you can do to resolve them.  

Error message What to do
Duplicate Document Number Error Toggle off “Custom Transaction Numbers” in QuickBooks Online or check if there is an invoice/estimate with the same order number
undefined method 'find_by' for nil:NilClass Make sure you have entered your QuickBooks Online credentials correctly and re-connect through Settings >Profile >Integrations
Business Validation Error: Select a product or service  Login to QuickBooks Online and go to Settings >Company settings >Sales. Next, go to the “Sales form content” section and set “Shipping” to “On”

If you see any other error message, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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