Xero integration

Enabling the Xero integration

To enable the Xero integration if not already enabled, please use our in web-app support chat or send us an email to support@b2bwave.com

Step 1: Connecting to Xero

1. Click on Settings->Profile->Integrations and click to "Configure Xero"

2. Click "Connect to Xero"

4. Select the organization that you want to connect to B2B Wave and accept

Step 2: Settings

Configure accounts

When creating invoices, B2B Wave is attempting to match customers and products with existing records in Xero. If a match is not found for a specific invoice, the customer and/or the product will be created prior to the invoice. The following accounts can be setup:

  • Income account: Used when creating a new product from B2B Wave to Xero during the invoice creation process if the product does not already exist. Looking up for existing products is done based on the SKU and product name.
  • Income account (Shipping Charges): Used when adding shipping charges to an invoice
  • Customer sales account: Used when creating a customer from B2B Wave to Xero during the invoice creation process if the customer does not already exist. Looking up for existing customers is done based on the customer's email or company name.

Configure default values for invoices

When creating invoices, you can set the following default values:

  • Branding theme: The branding theme of the invoice to be created. You can override this setting per customer if required
  • Invoice status: The invoice status of the invoice created in Xero. Options include SUBMITTED, AUTHORIZED, DRAFT
  • Due date days: How many days after the invoice creating will the invoice be due
  • Update paid status: If an invoice is paid in Xero, update the order as paid in B2B Wave

Map VAT/GST/Sales tax

Map your Xero tax rules to B2B Wave tax rules.

Map payment options

Map your Xero bank accounts to B2B Wave payment options. Map Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and Square payments to related Xero accounts. When an order is placed and a relevant payment is created, a new payment will be created and attached to the invoice.

Step 3: Create a test invoice from B2B Wave to Xero

After configuring Xero, you can proceed to create a test invoice. If you have not created any orders, you can impersonate a customer and place an order. After creating an order, click on "Orders" and "Edit" the last order. On the bottom of the order edit page, by clicking on the "Create Xero Invoice", the invoice for the relevant order will be created to Xero.

After creating the invoice, you should be able to view it directly from B2B Wave

Your customers will also be able to download their invoice when they login to their account and view their order details

Product and customer matching information

When creating an invoice from B2B Wave to Xero, we try to match the following information:

Products: Product code in B2B Wave to product code in Xero

Customers: Customer email in B2B Wave to contact email in Xero OR Customer company name in B2B Wave to contact company name  in Xero OR customer phone in B2B Wave to contact phone in Xero

If a match is not successful, B2B Wave will attempt to create the missing customers and products to Xero automatically

Importing from Xero

While it is possible to setup Xero and B2B Wave independently from each other and let our matching algorithms do the work, you might as well directly import your data (products and customers) from Xero. This functionality is useful for getting your B2B store up and running as fast as possible.

Importing products

Click on Tools->Import products to B2B Wave and then "Import". Your products will be imported directly to B2B Wave under the "Various" category. You can run this import as many times as you like. Products already imported will not be imported again.

Importing customers

Click on Tools->Import customers to B2B Wave and then "Import". Your customers will be imported directly to B2B Wave. Customers will be assigned the default price list and VAT group which you can change after. No emails will be sent to customers to login. If you want to send an email to your customers through B2B Wave, you can do so after the import, either by editing a customer and sending them their login details or by going to Tools->Import customers and sending an email to selected customers.


For any questions please use the in-app chat box or contact us at support@b2bwave.com

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