Xero Integration

You can connect Xero with your B2B Wave account to manage invoices and payments. Let’s see how you can do this: 

Step 1. Enable Xero for your account by contacting our support

Step 2. Once you’ve activated Xero, go to Settings >Profile, look for the “Integrations” tab, and click “Configure Xero.”

Step 3. Click “Connect to Xero.”

Step 4. Select the company you want to connect B2B Wave with and click “Accept.” 

Configuring Settings for Accounts

When creating invoices, B2B Wave attempts to match customers and products with existing records in Xero. If B2B Wave cannot find a match for a specific invoice, it will create the customer and product before generating the invoice. 

You can set up the following:

Field name Used for
Income account* Creating a new product from B2B Wave to Xero during the invoice generation process, if the product doesn’t already exist. Looking up existing products is based on the SKU and product name
Income account (Shipping Charges)* Adding shipping charges to an invoice
Customer sales account* Creating a customer from B2B Wave to Xero during the invoice generation process if the customer does not already exist. Looking up existing customers is based on the customer’s email or company name

Configuring Default Values for Invoices

When creating invoices, you can set the following default values:

Branding theme*  Select the invoice’s branding theme from the drop-down menu. You can override this setting per customer if required
Invoice Status* Select the invoice’s status for the invoice created in Xero from the drop-down menu (e.g., Submitted, Authorized, Draft)
Due Date days after
Submitted Date*
Set how many days after the invoice generation the invoice is due
paid invoices from B2B Wave to Xero
Check this option to update an order as “Paid” on B2B Wave, if you mark an invoice as paid on Xero

Mapping VAT/GST/Sales tax

To map your Xero tax rules to B2B Wave, select the appropriate option from the “Xero Tax Rate” field under “VAT.”

Mapping Payment Options

Under “Payments,” you can link Xero payment accounts  to B2B Wave payment (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Square) by selecting the appropriate option under the “Xero Account” field. If you do, when a customer places an order and a payment is created, this will also appear and be attached to the invoice.

Creating a Test Invoice

After configuring Xero, you can create a test invoice. If you haven’t created any orders, you can impersonate a customer and place an order. After submitting the order, click on the Orders menu and select it from the list. On the order’s page, go to the “Files” section and click “Create Xero invoice” to generate the invoice. 

After creating the invoice, you can see it directly on B2B Wave.

Your customers can download their invoices when they login to your B2B portal and view their order details.

NOTE:  Please get in touch with our  support  for any questions or assistance with the setup proces s.

Understanding how B2B Wave Matches Product and Customer from Xero

When creating an invoice from B2B Wave to Xero, we try to match the following information:

Products Product code in B2B Wave to product code in Xero
Customers Customer email in B2B Wave to contact email in Xero OR Customer company name in B2B Wave to contact company name  in Xero OR customer phone in B2B Wave to contact phone in Xero

Importing Products from Xero

While it is possible to set up Xero and B2B Wave independently from each other and let our matching algorithms do the work, you can also directly import your data (products and customers) from Xero to B2B Wave. Doing so enables you to get your B2B store up and running as quickly as possible.

To import products to B2B Wave, go to Tools >Import products to B2B Wave  and click “Import.” Imported products appear under the “Various” category. You can run this import as many times as you like. Note that products you’ve already imported will not be duplicated.

Importing Customers from Xero

To import products to B2B Wave, go to Tools >Import customers to B2B Wave and click “Import.” After import, customers will be assigned the default price list and VAT group, which you can change any time you want. 

Importantly, note that customers will not receive any email notifications to log in to your store when you import them. However, you can notify customers individually by going to the Customers menu, selecting the customer, and clicking “Send reset password link.” Alternatively, you can go to Tools >Import customers and email selected customers.

Troubleshooting Error Messages

You may encounter some issues when attempting to generate an invoice. Let’s check the usual error message that may appear and see what you can do to resolve it.  

Error Message What to Do
Invoice is not of valid status for modification The specific order has been modified since the date you created the invoice. Invoices are created in “Authorized” status (Approved), so this means that you cannot change them at a later stage. If you see this message, you should:
  1. Void the corresponding  invoice manually on Xero
  2. Contact our support team and request to unlink this invoice from your order
  3. Go to the Orders menu and click on the relevant order. On the order’s page, scroll to the “Files” section and click “Create Xero invoice” to generate the invoice anew
NOTE: If you see any other error message, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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