Product Status Rules

Product Status Rules provide the ability to automate the inventory status of your products, based on a specific rule. The default product statuses with your B2B Wave account are:

  • Available
  • Limited Stock
  • Pre-order
  • Not available
  • Discontinued
  • Sold Out
  • Unavailable

However, you have the freedom to create a new ‘status’ label by going to Settings > Product Status > New product status. You can also edit or delete any of the existing products statuses:

When creating a new product status you can assign whether or not the status will allow or limit customers from ordering products, as well as whether you would like that status to appear alongside your products when customers are using the grid view (or Photos view) to view your products:

Here is how the status will appear with the Show at product grid view option selected:

Once you’re happy with the statuses you’ve created you can set rules to automatically assign any given status to products based on inventory quantity by going to Settings > Product Status Rules > New product status rule:

You can then set the quantity range for specific product statuses, which will automatically apply that status to any products that fall within the set inventory quantity range:

NOTE: If you’ve already manually applied product statuses to your products, the product status rule will not override these manual selections. To change this, go to Products > Products, then from the drop-down menu in the Quantity Status column select the ‘empty’ value:

Alternatively, if you would like to override a product status rule that you created for any products, you can do this by manually selecting a different product status on this same page. 

NOTE: If you would like to ‘reset’ all of your products’ statuses so that the product status rules will apply to all all products, please contact support@b2bwave.comand we will be able to do this for you in bulk to all products only.

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