Products Status [API]

Product status determines the availability/status of a product (e.g. Available, Not available, Available upon request,etc). Product status is not required for a product but it can be helpful depending on the occasion.

Description List product statuses
Action GET
URL <your URL here>/api/status_products
Sample request parameters (empty – no data required)
Sample Successful Response
[{"id":1,"name":"Available","sort":null,"can_order":true,"message":"","created_at":"2016-04-07T12:55:33.000Z","updated_at":"2016-04-07T12:55:33.000Z","hide_products":false},{"id":2,"name":"Not available","sort":null,"can_order":false,"message":"","created_at":"2016-04-07T12:55:33.000Z","updated_at":"2016-04-07T12:55:33.000Z","hide_products":false}]
Description Create Product Status
Action POST
URL <your URL here>/api/status_products
Sample request parameters
{"status_product":{"name":"Available upon request"}}
Sample Successful Response
{"id":3,"name":"Available upon request","sort":null,"can_order":true,"message":null,"created_at":"2016-09-11T19:37:07.805Z","updated_at":"2016-09-11T19:37:07.805Z","hide_products":false}
Required fields name
Notes Use field can_order (boolean) to set if a product with the specific product status can be ordered or not

Field descriptions for Products Status

Name Type Description Required
name string Name of product status yes
sort integer View order of product status (eg when adding a product from the backend) no
can_order boolean Can the product with the specific product status be ordered? no -default: false
message string Error message if customer tries to order a product that cannot be ordered no
hide_products boolean Hide products with the specific product status? no -default: false
created_at datetime Create Time auto calculated
updated_at datetime Update Time auto calculated

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