Importing/Exporting orders

Through the "Import Orders" tab in the "Tools" menu, you can mass import your orders. If you'd like to reduce the inventory of products in your imported orders, check "Reduce Stock" before you import. Note that you need to have setup a price list and products in B2B Wave before importing an order spreadsheet that contains orders this price list or product.

In the Orders menu, you can export all orders by pressing the blue Export button in the top right. Alternatively, you can selectively export specific orders by checking individual orders and pressing 'Export' in the dropdown menu on the left.

Your exported Orders spreadsheet will look something like this. You can also view a sample Orders spreadsheet here.

Below are a list of order spreadsheet column names. Verify that all column names are up to date. It's important to note that each product in an order will have it's own row. For example, if order 109 has three products in it, there will be three rows for order 109 - each with one product. If you need help filtering or organizing your order data, don't hesitate to contact our customer support. 

order_id An order's ID number. Useful for API calls
order_customer_reference Purchase order number or notification if this order is the result of a merge (anything else?)
order_submitted_date Date that the order was submitted
comments_customer Comments left by the customer during order checkout
order_status Name of the order's order status
customer_id Customer's ID number
customer_company Name of the company who purchased this order
product_code Codes of product(s) in this order. Each row should contain unique products (elaborate)
product_variant Name of product option and variant (e.g. "Size: Medium")
product_variant_code Product variant code (if applicable)
product_name Name of the product
product_quantity Quantity of this product on the order
Price of this product on the order
product_discount 1 if a discount was applied to this item on the order (I think?)
product_final_price Price of this product on the order after discount (I think?)
line_total product_quantity * product_final_price
tax_rate The order's tax rate (%)
total_tax The order's tax amount
line_total_after_tax Each product's total cost, after tax
order_discount 1 if the entire order has a discount applied to it
order_total The total cost of all product in the order, before tax
order_total_after_tax The total cost of all product in the order, after tax
address The customer's address
city The customer's city
The customer's province
The customer's country
postal_code The customer's postal/zip code
shipping_tracking The order's tracking number (if applicable)
shipping_option_name Name of the shipping option chosen for this order
payment method Name of the payment method chosen for this order
transaction_id The payment provider's transaction ID (if applicable)

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