Unsubmitted Orders

Through your B2B Wave eCommerce platform, customers can save orders, access them, and confirm them at a later stage. 

To enable this option for customers, go to  Settings >Profile, and look for the “Application configuration” tab. Then, under the “Customers” section, check the “Allow customers to save orders for later (multiple unsubmitted orders)” option.

Your customers will be able to store their orders and access them later. To do so, they should:

Step 1. Click “Save for Later” while reviewing their shopping cart on the “Current Order” page. Note that this option will appear only when customers have added items to their cart.

Step 2. Enter a Purchase Order number in the relevant field and click “Save.”

Customers can then view and access all saved orders through your storefront’s “Unsubmitted Orders” menu. They can search, sort, delete, review, and confirm unsubmitted orders when they click on it.

Finally, customers can finalize the order and return to their shopping cart by clicking “Review and Confirm.”

NOTE: If customers don’t see this functionality, please email us at support@b2bwave.com.

Monitoring Unsubmitted Orders through the Admin Panel

Orders that customers have not submitted will appear with the “Temporary” order status on your Admin Panel. This status is not default and does not appear in Settings >Order Statuses, but you can filter unsubmitted orders by selecting “Temporary” in the Orders menu. 

Alternatively, you can enable the Unsubmitted menu on your Admin Panel and access all temporary orders there. To do so, go to  Settings >Profile >Application configuration and check the “Show unsubmitted orders as a separate menu option (Admin)” box under the “Various settings” section.

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