Importing Products via Column Matching

If your product data is not already in.xlsx format, or if you need help determining which information goes under which column when importing your products using our sample file import spreadsheet, you can use our Column Matching tool to bulk upload your products. To do so, follow the below steps:

Step 1. Go to Products >Import on your Admin Panel and click “Bulk import with column matching.”

Step 2. On the spreadsheet that opens up, you can manually enter your product data or upload an existing spreadsheet containing your product data.

NOTE: If you are uploading new products remember that  Full  category  path, Product  SKU, and  Name are required. For existing products, only  Product  SKU is required.

Step 3. Click the “Upload data from file” option to upload a file directly from your desktop. Remember that supported file formats are .csv, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, and .txt.

Step 4. Select a specific sheet from the file if there is more than one sheet and click “Continue.”

Step 5. If your file has column headers of its own, you can specify this on the next page. If you do have column headers in your file, and the system has identified the correct row, select “Yes.” If the system has specified an incorrect row, click “Select another row” to choose the correct one before proceeding further.

Step 6. On the next page, you can match the data in your spreadsheet to the column headers in B2B Wave’s required file format. In the example below, the “SKU” column header is being matched to B2B Wave’s “Product SKU” column header. For correct selections, click “Confirm mapping.”

Step 7. For column headers with no direct match between your uploaded file and B2B Wave’s file format, click “Ignore this column,” as showcased in the example below for the “Created by” column. You can also do this for column headers that are incorrectly matched.

Step 8. Repeat this procedure for all columns in your spreadsheet. Once you’ve finished, click “Review” to revise your data in bulk.

Step 9. If everything looks correct, click “Continue.” If there are any errors, a dialogue box will notify you about unresolved issues. Click “Go Back” to review these errors.

Step 10. On the page that opens, you can filter data to “Only show rows with problems” and edit anything you wish to change by typing directly in the relevant cell(s). Importantly, if you hover your cursor over a cell highlighted in red, you’ll be able to see the specific error for that cell.

Step 11. Once you’ve fixed any identified errors, click “Continue” to import products to your B2B eCommerce platform. When the import is complete, a dialogue box will appear.

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