Customer Address Lists Import

Some customers may have multiple addresses to which they want their orders delivered. You can mass import these on your B2B Wave eCommerce platform and add them to your existing customer profiles. Then, during checkout, customers can select where they want their goods delivered from a drop-down list of their available addresses.

Before we start, remember that to mass import multiple addresses for your customers, you should first import customers to your B2B Wave account, adding only the main address for each customer account. Check out our article on importing/exporting customers to learn how to do it.

To import customer address lists, you need to complete these steps:

Step 1. Go to Tool >Import Addresses and select “Export existing addresses.”

Step 2. Open the downloaded file, which should look like the screenshots below.

Step 3. Insert a line under the original customer entry for each additional address you want to add for this customer. 

In the screenshots below, columns, where the information is the same as the original customer entry, appear in  green. In contrast, columns, where the data is different appear in red. Columns that should remain blank for the additional customer entries (which should not be empty for the original customer entry) appear in gray.

Step 4. Go to Tools >Import Addresses on your Admin Dashboard and click “Choose File” to upload your file. Then, choose whether you want to append or replace your existing entries and click “Import” to update your customer address list automatically. Remember that your file should be in .xlsx format. 

Once you complete this procedure, you can test if your import is successful by logging in as one of your customers with multiple addresses and placing a test order to see if these appear on the “Confirm Order” page for that customer.

If you run into any issues with the import or are unsure if you have formatted your spreadsheet correctly, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Field Descriptions for Address Books

Name Type Description Required
address string - no
address2 string (i.e. Suite 2, Floor 5, Apt. 7000) no
city string - no
province string Two-letter ISO code for Province or State (i.e. ON, TX) no
country string Two-letter ISO code for Country (eg GB, US, CH) no
postal_code string Supports zip code and postcode values as well no
phone string - no
address_type string Include order as the value for any new address being added to an existing customer. yes
reference_code String Used by external systems for setting their own ID no
customer_id integer ID of customer (same ID for all addresses added for a customer) yes
created_at datetime Create Time auto calculated
updated_at datetime Update Time auto calculated
last_used_at datetime Last Used Time (when was this address last used for an order) auto calculated

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