Managing your discount settings

A. Product discounts

Before setting up product discounts, you may want to first establish the discount policies you will offer your customers.

I. Setting product discounts manually

1. Under the Products->Products menu in your Admin Dashboard, select the product you want to set a discount for.
2. On the "Editing product" page that appears, click on the 'Discounts' tab and start adding your discount settings.

There are two options for discounts:

  • A percentage discount based on a price list’s initial prices
  • A fixed final price

If you choose the percentage discount option, the final price is calculated automatically. If there is a minimum quantity in order for the discount to apply, enter that minimum order quantity in the “From quantity” field.

Finally, if the discount is offered for a specific time period, fill in the “Date from” and the “Date to” fields.

II. Setting product discounts by mass uploading

If you want to populate your portal by mass uploading your product discounts to save time, simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Tools->Import Product Discounts menu in your Admin Dashboard, and download the sample file import or choose the "Export Product Discounts" option if you have set them previously.

Note:  If you haven’t previously set any product discounts, we recommend downloading the sample file import so that have on hand the file including the product SKUs that you populated your portal with. If you have already set product discounts in your portal, we recommend choosing the "Export Product Discounts" option. Finally, if you wish to overwrite the existing discounts, check the “Overwrite existing discounts” box.

2. Fill in the spreadsheet with all relevant information (see the image below). When you open the file, you will be asked to fill in the following fields:

  • product SKU code
  • discount
  • minimum quantity for the discount to apply (if this does not apply, leave the value set to “ 0”)
  • date from and to
  • final price

3. Save the file, and upload it through Tools->Import Product Discounts menu in your Admin Dashboard.

B. Product Category/Subcategory Discounts

You can also set discounts for an entire product category or subcategory.

1. Under the Product Categories menu, select a category.
2. On the "Editing category" page that opens up under the 'Category' tab, enter the percentage discount that applies to this category in the "Discount" field.

3. If the discount also applies to the subcategories of the parent product category, check the “Update discount in subcategories too” box. Note that if you have a parent category and you decide to create a special discount for its subcategories, you can enable this feature so that both are updated accordingly.
4. If the discount applies only to a specific subcategory (e.g. Category: Dinnerware, Subcategory: Winter Sales), select the subcategory and follow the same steps as outlined for category discounts. In this way, the discount you set here will apply to the specific subcategory only. To learn more about this, see our article on Product Categories.

If a discount is quantity-related, then click on the 'Quantity discounts' tab on the "Editing category" page, select the price list that the discount will apply to, then add the desired minimum quantity and the discount percentage you want to apply. 

C. Discounts per customer

I. Setting customer discounts manually

If you want to offer discounts to specific customers only:

  1. Go to the Customers menu in your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select the customer to whom you'd like to offer a discount.
  3. On the "Editing customer" page that opens up under the 'Customer details' tab, enter the percentage discount that applies to this customer in the "Discount" field.

II. Setting customer discounts by mass uploading

If you want to upload your discounts and your discount policy framework involves creating customer discounts rather than product discounts or providing some of your clients with a higher discount based on a special agreement you have with them, you can specify your discounts settings by mass uploading them. To do this:

1. Go to the Tools->Import Customers menu in your Admin Dashboard, and on the "Import Customers" page that opens up, choose the “Export existing customers” option.

2. Once you’ve downloaded the file, open it, search for the “discount_percentage” column, and enter the discount percentage that applies to each customer.

3. Save the file, go to the Tools->Import Customers menu in your Admin Dashboard, and upload your file to automatically update the backend of your eCommerce portal.

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