Private products

Each customer is special and has specific needs. With B2B Wave's private product function, you can hide specific products from some customers, while making them visible to others. For example, Customer A likes to buy fruit from you and has an exclusive deal to buy apples just from you. In this case, you can utilise the private product function to hide apples in your storefront from all customers except Customer A.

With the B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can create private products manually, or you can mass upload them. Here's what you need to:

I. Creating private products manually

  1. Login to your account, and go to the Products->Products menu in your Admin Dashboard. Then, select the product you want to make private.
  2. On the "Editing product" page that opens up, click on the 'Access' tab and then check the “Private” box to instantly make that product private.
  3. In the "Customers" field underneath the "Private" box, type in the name of the customers to whom you do want to make this product visible. Then, click “Save”.
  4. If applicable, you can also enter a privacy group in the "Private groups" field so that all customers in that privacy group can view the product.

II. Creating private products by mass upload

1. Go to the Products->Export menu in your Admin Dashboard.
2. Select your basic price list, and then click "Export".

3. Once you've downloaded the file, go to the 'is_private' column and enter "1" for each product(s) you want to make private. Next, go to the 'customer_access' column and the 'privacy_groups' column, and enter the name of the customer(s) you
    want to be able to view your private product(s), separating them with a semicolon (;).
4. If applicable, enter the privacy group that the product is assigned to.
5. Then, upload this file to your storefront under the Products->Import menu. Your private products will be automatically updated. 

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