Private Products

You may have special agreements with your customers and need to manage your product privacy. For example, let’s say that Customer A buys fruit from you and has an exclusive deal based on which they are the only ones who can purchase apples from your B2B portal.

On your B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can hide specific products from certain customers while making them accessible to others through the private products feature. You can create private products manually or upload them to your store in bulk. Let’s see how you can do this.

Creating Private Products Manually

To create private products manually, complete these actions:

Step 1. Go to Products >Products on your Admin Panel. Select the product you want to make private.

Step 2. On the “Editing product,” go to the “Access” tab, check the “Private” box, and insert the necessary information in the fields. 


Customers Type the name(s) of the customer(s) who can access and order this product on your storefront
Privacy groups Enter the name(s) of the privacy groups that can access this product, if applicable
Exclude customer(s) 
from accessing product
Add the name(s) of the customer(s) from whom you wish to hide this product, if applicable

Step 3. Click “Save” to allow only specific customers or privacy groups to view this product.

In the example below, customer Rhaenys Company is the only one who can access the Adirondack Blanket - Golden Lime product.

Setting Private Products in Bulk

You can create private products in bulk and upload them to your online B2B store by completing these steps:

Step 1. Go to Products >Export menu, select a price list,  and click “Export.”

Step 2. Open the spreadsheet and locate the “is_private” column. Then enter the value “1” for the products you want to make private. Continue to the “customer_access” column and enter the email addresses of the customer(s) who can access the specific products. Remember to separate each name with a semicolon (;) without any spaces. (e.g., demo@b2bwave;;

Step 3. If applicable, go to the “privacy_groups” column and enter the name of the privacy groups you want to make these products accessible to specific customer groups, separating them using a comma (,) without spaces between them (e.g., VIP,Gold).

Step 4. Once you make the necessary changes to the file, go to Products >Import, select the relevant price list from the “Price List” drop-down menu, then click “Choose File,” and click “Import” to mass update your private products.

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