Brightpearl integration

Our Brightpearl integration automatically syncs
- Inventory data between B2B Wave and Brightpearl (automatically)
- Order data by clicking "Send to Brightpearl" in the Order edit page

Setup information

1. Ask our team to enable Brightpearl on your account

2. In Brighpearl, create a private app in Brightpearl by following the instructions here:

The private app should be a system-to-system app (in the selection of App Type). Reference and name should be b2bwave

3. In B2B Wave, setup the private app information
Navigate to Settings->Profile->Integrations

- Check Enable Brightpearl'
- Field Brightpearl URL should be the URL that you land to when logging in to your Brightpearl account without trailing path, should be something like or
- Field Private App Identifier, should be b2bwave (as created in Brightpearl)
- Field Account, should be your Brightpearl's Account ID (NOT password) that you use when logging in to Brightpearl
- Field Private App Token, should be the token that is created when creating the app in Brightpearl

4. Click "Test Connection" to ensure that your information is correct. Then click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. If you receive an error, please contact us to review your settings.

5. Scroll to the bottom of your Order Edit menu and click "Create Brightpearl Sales Order"

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