Your B2B Wave eCommerce platform allows you to create quotes for customers to reach a special agreement on custom product pricing. In addition, customers can submit quote requests to you for specific products. This article presents (a) how you can prepare, modify, and complete quotes for customers and (b) how customers can request quotes from you.

NOTE: To activate this feature on your B2B Wave eCommerce platform, please contact our support team.

Creating Quotes for Customers

To generate a quote for a customer, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Quotes menu and click “+New Quote.”

Step 2. Click the drop-down menu, enter the customer’s name for whom you want to create a quote, and click “Proceed.”

Step 3. Enter the necessary information on the “New Quote” page and click “Save” to store it. 

Specifically, here you’ll encounter these fields:

Valid until Select the date until which the quote is valid from the calendar menu
Purchase order Enter the purchase order’s number
Comments Add here any comments for the customer
+ Add product line Click this button to create product lines for your quote. Once you click it, enter the product code/SKU or name in the “Search” field and select the appropriate product. Next, add the product price and quantity under the “Price” and “Quantity” fields. Continue adding products in the quote following the same procedure
Status Select the appropriate status from the drop-down menu. Available statuses here are the following:
1. Draft (by admin). Indicates that the quote is still a draft. The customer cannot see quotes with this status on your storefront
2. Draft (by customer). Reflects that the customer has created the quote and can see the quote. However, remember that if you’ve drafted the quote and you assign it this status, the customer can see it by clicking the “Quotes” menu on your storefront

3. Requested. Indicates that the customer has asked for the quote
4. Prepared. Reflects that you’ve prepared the requested quote, which the customer can can view the quote through the “Quotes” menu on your storefront
5. Accepted. Indicates that the customer has reviewed and accepted the quote

Send to customer Check this box to send the quote to the customer via email; otherwise, leave it unchecked. Remember that you can share with customers only quotes with “Prepared” as their assigned status. The customer will receive an email including the quote in PDF format and a link to the “Quotes” page on your B2B store, where they can review and accept it

Step 4. Set the quote’s status to “Prepared” to make it available to the competent customer. The customer can review the offer through your storefront’s “Quotes” menu. Next, the customer can approve it by clicking “Accept” to approve it and proceed to checkout, where they can set their delivery address and payment option, and submit their order.

NOTE: Remember that you can modify a quote and adjust product pricing or change the quote’s status by going to the Quotes menu on your Admin Panel and clicking the relevant quote. Finally, you can export quotes in PDF or Excel format by clicking the appropriate option on the quote’s page.

How Customers Can Submit Quote Requests

Customers can request quotes through your storefront by visiting a product page. Then, they can add a quantity and click “Request Quote +” to submit their demand. 

Also, they can click “Quote Total” and open the “Current Quote” page to review and send their request. 

You can then review the quote and provide your offer through the Quotes menu on the Admin Dashboard. Once ready, set the quote’s status to “Prepared” and check the “Send to customer” option to share your offer with them.

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